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You're a book collector and an avid reader. So chances are good that you don't just love reading books, organizing them and browsing through the stacks at bookstores. You probably love everything about books, from the way they feel in your hand to the sound of the pages turning. Few good-for-you things seem to be quite as addictive as a love of books, so it's something you should definitely indulge in. Why not indulge in top quality software that's designed for the book collector, and anyone who loves books?

There are tons of different programs out there that let you organize collections. But just like you'd probably rather have the nice first-edition hardback over the dog-eared paperback with the loose pages, you'll want to have the best software for managing your books.

That rules out all the software that will organize anything. You could put any kind of list in that type of software, and that's fine for general lists and collections that you don't want to customize much. Figurine collections or things of that nature, for instance, would be ideal for software like that, where you just want a title and a brief description without too much detail.

A book collector like you, though, will want more than the title and author, right? You're going to want all sorts of things, like a plot synopsis, a picture of the cover, maybe some information about the author and a photo, even information about the editor.

How many books do you have that are collections of shorts, like mystery collections, or best short stories by a variety of authors? You won't want to simply catalogue it as 'Best Mystery Stories' when you can make sure all the authors are listed. And you can categorize your books any way you want to, with labels you make yourself so you can sort and resort them depending on what you're looking for that day. For the avid book collector who has also ventured into audiobooks and e-books, software that catalogues them just as quickly and easily as traditional books is a must.

You can see how software designed for a book collector can be great for organizing your book collection, but you're probably looking around at those dozens, maybe hundreds, of books and shaking your head. You just don't have time to put all that information in! You might be able to spend a little time typing in titles and authors, but all that other stuff-no way! You'd be at it for weeks.

A "must have" program for every book collector

Not if you get the best software for book collectors, because it does all the work for you! Enter the title, the author, even a keyword, and the software presents you with a list of possibilities. Click to chose the right book, and add it. That's it! This is why you need software designed for a book collector-it makes organizing your collection fast and easy, so you can spend your time customizing it and having fun!

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