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Good book library software can be a blast-you can catalog all your books (even e-books!) and sort them with a click of the mouse. The best software has pictures of the covers, and lets you customize your interface as well as add custom labels and categories. You can send your list to your mobile phone or device, and upload your book library as a web page to show off to other book lovers. Few things could be more fun for someone who loves books than to spend time organizing, sorting and browsing through a graphical list of their own books.

But there is a downside to using the very best book library program. In fact, maybe the software should actually come with a warning label, just in case.

You'll Have No More Excuses

This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of great personal library software. If you use the right software, adding your books is so easy you won't know what to do with your free time. You've spent hours organizing your collection with other software or even typing lists. Now you'll be done quickly and eventually you will finish sorting and labeling for the day. What do you now do with your free hours?

Book Library Software is Addictive

You're probably already familiar with that sensation if you're a book lover, because they're addictive, too. But using great book library software is just as bad! It's so easy to add books to your library and fun, you'll get through your entire collection in no time. And then you'll want to keep adding. You might find yourself tempted to add books you don't even own to your software, just because it's fun. Stop! Don't be tempted. There are other fun things you can do once you're done adding your books.

The best book library software will let you zap your list to your cell phone or other mobile device. It'll upload your list as a web page for others to see. You can add labels to your books, and you don't have restrict them to the placards you see in bookstores. Do you own 5 books you thought were boring but still own for some reason? Make a label for them. Add a category or five. Sort and resort, just to see your books from different perspectives. You can still have lots of fun once the inventory part is over.

You'll Want to Organize Everything

Once you see how great book library program can be, and you've spent enough time organizing, labeling and customizing your book library, it won't be enough. Soon, you'll be clamoring for great movie organizer software, too. (Lucky for you, if you choose the right book library software in the beginning, movie software is easy to find.)

You'll Be Spoiled

Good book library software made by a company that cares about its customers and offers a user forum and great customer service will quickly spoil you and make you less appreciate of big corporations and busy help lines. Just a fair warning.

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