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If someone asked you right now if you owned The Best Book by A Great Author, would you be able to answer them with any certainty, if you're not using book management software? Maybe you could for some books you own, but probably not all.

Keeping Track

Most of us have our favorite authors or our favorite topics (or both). Many have dozens or hundreds of books, and might have a hard time remembering every one. Maybe you're a horror fan and you own several Stephen King or Dean Koontz books. Between them, they've written over 100 books. If you own some and have read the rest from the library or borrowed books from friends, how easy it is to remember exactly which ones you own?

Non-fiction fans can have an even harder time keeping track of books. You can own 50 books about the Revolutionary War, but can you remember exactly which ones they are if asked? With book management program you don't have to remember-it keeps track for you.

You might wonder why it matters if you keep track or not. After all, you can always go look on your bookshelf. And that's true, you can. But if you don't need to, why should you? Book management software doesn't just make a list for you; it's a whole new way to experience your collection of books.

Books at a Glance

Your dozens of books about astrology look lovely on your shelves. Are they all together, or spread out a little? Maybe you have books of the same size displayed together or you have them arranged alphabetically, by hardback or softcover. If you were curious how many astrology books you owned, would a quick glance tell you?

With the software for book collection management, you could apply the label 'astrology' to those books as you catalog them (or later, how and when you use these features is up to you!), click and sort, and see all of the books with that label instantly. No pulling books from the back or finding that stray one in the other room.

Want a quick overview of all your Ernest Hemingway novels, all your romances or all your books about nuclear reactors? Point and click, and book management program sorts your books however you choose.

The Benefits of Book Management Software

That sounds like fun, but you might wonder what purpose it serves besides being fun. If you can click and see all the books you own by Ernest Hemingway, for instance, you might realize that you never got back your copy of Old Man and the Sea, or that you'd read it in the library and never actually purchased it. The best book management software lets you upload your list to your mobile phone or other devices. So next time you're book shopping (and you know that'll be very soon!) when you come across that novel or that definitive work on a subject that fascinates you, a quick check of your list will keep you from making a duplicate purchase.

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