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Library software lets you list and organize your book collection, from those huge, heavy hardback books to digital e-books that take up virtually no space at all. You can even catalogue your audiobooks, if you choose the best library software. In fact, with the best software, you can:

More, You Say?

If all that's not enough, you can go beyond all the great features of the software itself into all the different ways you can use it.

Do you have books scattered throughout your house, your car, your desks, your various bags, and in the case of audio or e-books, your different mobile devices? Would you be able to find one in a moment's notice? Use the software to add labels so that you can find a specific book. Your library software should let you add an unlimited amount of customized labels.

Add labels for your favorite books, or valuable books that you want to remember not to lend out. Labels the books that were fair reads but not something you'd highly recommend to anyone, so when a friend comes scanning your bookshelves you don't have to remember, you can look it up. Label the books that you didn't like. Labels the ones you plan to donate to that library sale, and labels the ones that aren't in great shape and need to be replaced.

Why not create a label for books you've read but don't have, and sort by whether you want to purchase them or not? Add books that you want to buy and haven't read, and label them accordingly in your library software. Then export it to your mobile device, and make your next trip to the bookstore a breeze!

Best Library Software

Export your wish list to the Internet for those who might be shopping for your birthday or Christmas. You might as well get something you really want this year, after all, and most people are happy to have a hint about what you want. Most people won't buy a book for a book lover because they don't know if they have it or if it's something they'll read. You can end that uncertainty by exporting from your library software to HTML, and maybe find a new favorite book under the tree this year.

You can be a better friend with library software, too. When you finish a book you know a friend will love, label it, and you won't forget to recommend it later! There is no need to look for All My Books crack.

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