A Program to Keep Records of the Movies You've Seen

If you are still looking for a program which can help you keep record of the movies you've seen, you are in the right place!

A real movie fan knows how important it is to keep record of the movies seen and the impressions of viewing. We are getting older, getting more and more experience, our vision of the world is changing. You know it is especially noticeable when you read your notes for the movies you watched 3-4 years ago. Sometimes your opinion of a movie can change dramatically! And there are also films which you need to watch more than once to be able to get the director's idea.

Since you got onto this page, you know for sure that you need a program to manage the list of all your movies seen! All My Movies looks very convenient for this task. The program looks sort of this:

All My Movies v7.6 screenshot

I say "sort of" because there are lots of opportunities to adjust the information display in a really flexible way. If you wish, you can change the look of the main window as well.

Why Exactly All My Movies?

All My Movies has lots of opportunities but we'll take a closer look at those which will help us to keep record of all the movies seen. So, here is what we need:

And now it's time for you to download the program and start your own list of movies!


Our customer say

All My Movies - Brilliant
"I wonder how on Earth I could do without your GREAT program before! It's just brilliant!! So many features, so many opportunities it gives to users! I own about a thousand movies - DVDs, Blu-rays - and it was a pain to organize them all. Your program has everything I've been dreaming about! And I love it!!!

Thanx a lot!!!"
- Rating: 4.9 -

5 Reasons you why should use All My Movies as a software for keeping track of your movies