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All My Movies 3.8: Movie-Related Data Harvester

Choose this, choose that. Choose drama, choose comedy, choose horror, and choose the alternative art movie. Whatever you have chosen — if you love movies, if you have plenty of them — you do need to organize them.

   Which movies you have, and where do you store them (CDs, DVDs, VHS or so)? What movies you heard of and would like to see? Which actors starred in which movies («honey, I want to watch something with Johnny Depp!»)? Which movies are new in your collection and you haven’t seen them just yet? All of these questions (and much more) are easily answerable with All My Movies software.

   «Oh», you would say, «I’m so lazy! I simply wouldn’t fill out all those fields in the movie database. I have hundreds of movies, and for each of them I would have to type in the Name, Actors, Genre, Year, Description: Brrrrr!»

   Nothing like that! All My Movies connects to movie databases and loads all the descriptions auto-magically. Moreover, you can provide your favorite movies with screenshots taken directly from the DVD or AVI files.

   The software’s capabilities don’t exhaust by the «what I have» database. It also can serve as a (very!) convenient play list (sure! why do you need *two* programs for organizing and viewing your movies?) and the tool of «communication»: You can export the movies lists and give them to your friends; you can manage the movies taken by your friends or given to you. Really, you wouldn’t look for other movie organizer, once you take a glance at All My Movies!

Our customer say

All My Movies - It is fun
"I've heard about these organizing programs a lot, but didn't really believe that any of them could organize elephantic collections of movies. All My Movies has exceeded all my expectations! And I was most delighted by the easiness of using the program, even a small child would be able to. Your program is the NUMBER-ONE! I highly recommend everyone having large collections of movies to try it! It's a great help and even more fun!!!"
- Rating: 4.5 -

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