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January , 2004

For Immediate Release

Bolide Software Releases All My Movies 2.0

Organize your movie collection now with All My Movies 2.0!

Movie collection growing out of control? Getting confused where to search for a movie - among VHS tapes, Video CDs, DVDs or on computer hard-drive? Can't remember which movies are being loaned and by whom? Get All My Movies 2.0 and get instant answers to all these questions.

All My Movies 2.0 is an award winning movie database program that stores information about movies - title (both original and adopted for foreign movies), director, year of release, actors, genre, description, type of storage media (VHS, DVD, AVI file, etc.) and so on.

Importantly, All My Movies support data import from online movie databases, meaning movie production data does not need to be entered manually. Simply enter name of the movie and the rest is done automatically. Another great perk is an option to capture movie screens for DVDs and AVI files and attach them to the database.

Movie data stored with All My Movies 2.0 can be exported to HTML, MS Excel or plain text files. In addition, the program comes with password protection options to prevent unauthorized access, and a straightforward loan manager. The program is very easy to use. Movie search is done with Formula 1 speeds; the search can be done by any category - title, genre, actor name, etc.

All My Movies 2.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 24.95 US Dollars.

Bolide Software is a software development company specializing in movie and picture database software. The company has released two applications - All My Movies and All My Photos. If you have any questions, would like to request editor's copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal, please contact Max Smirnoff at feedback form

Our customer say

All My Movies - Great program
"Wow, I'm really impressed with All My Movies! All my DVD/Bluray discs are ripped onto my HTPC hard drive. I went to Tools and chose Scan Drive For Movies and all 129 movies were cataloged. It wasn't long before I figured out how to gather covers and all the info about all my movies; all done with the click of a mouse. This is a very visual pleasing, mouse friendly, program. I downloaded several programs, both free and not. This is heads and shoulders above the rest. One of the best things about All My Movies is that by double clicking on the picture of the movie it automatically launches the default media player and plays it. Everything else seemed pretty intuitive."
- Rating: 4.7 -

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