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Bolide® Movie Creator v1.7 - HD Video Editor

Simple, but powerful.

Make your own movies easily with Bolide Movie Creator. Join, split, trim videoclips, add text commentaries, photos and background music. Use dozens transition effects. No technical knowledge is required to use the program. Bolide Movie Creator supports almost any source video from the modern video recording devices and can save your movie in AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, MP4 video file formats.

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All My Movies™ v8.1 - Movie Organizer

Blu-ray & DVD collection software and Perfect DVD Organizer
Keeps track of what movies you have as well as on what kind of media. (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS or ?) Is there a movie you have heard of but not a part of your collection yet? All My Movies allows you to keep a list! Ever wonder who played in a certain movie? All My Movies keeps track of the actors in each movie as well. And by the click of a button, you can find a list of all the movies that actor played in. So, that night you say, "Honey, I want to watch something with Johnny Depp!" and with a click of a button you have an entire list of the movies with Johnny Depp. You can even keep track of which movies in your collection that you have already watched so you can find a movie that you haven't seen! So efficient, All My Movies connects to various internet movie databases and loads all the information of your movie including Name, Actors, Genre, Year, Description, and Screenshots, too, so that there is very little data entry! These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of the All My Movies software but check it out for yourself with a free trial and discover that there are so many other attractive qualities that make this program the best one on the market yet. Organize movies today!

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All My Books™ v4.1 - Personal Book Catalog

Book collection manager
Do you love to read? We hope you do. We made a special software for all book lovers and book collectors. With All My Books™ you will never forget where your favorite Harry Potter book is. It is easy to make your book catalog with All My Books™! Just enter the book title, author or ISBN. All the rest details will be downloaded automatically within seconds including the cover image. Try All My Books™ now for free! Organize your library with ease!

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AlterCam™ v1.7 - Live Webcam Effects

Live effects for your web camera
AlterCam is a webcam effects software. You can apply the effects to your live webcam stream, add your overlay text or images and much more. Also, the program is able to split your webcam video to several programs, so you will not see those "webcam busy" error again.

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Image Comparer ™ v3.8 - Duplicate Photo Remover

Duplicate Image Finder and Remover
If you have a huge image collection you know how hard it is to remember all images and remove duplicates manually. Now we introduce you the solution for your problem. Image Comparer automates the process of finding duplicates. Please note, Image Comparer looks not for only fully identical images but for images that looks alike too! Finally you get a list of image pairs with similarity percentage. 100% means images are fully identical and so on. Then you can to delete all duplicates with less quality with only two mouse clicks! In that way you got a collection with unique only images. Probably the best duplicate photo finder ever.

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Audio Comparer ™ v1.7 - get rid of duplicate songs

Duplicate and Similar MP3 Finder
This is a very special tool that can identify even similar audio files. It does not read file tags, it just listens to your audio files to remember them. Audio Comparer will find similar audio files even if one of them is in MP3 format and the other is WMA. Our program works as a human ear but much faster and with unlimited sound memory!

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Duplicate Video Search - remove video duplicates

Find and remove duplicate movies/video files
This tool will help you to clean your hard drive. You know, duplicate video files are really hard drive space eaters! With Duplicate Video Search tool you can easily locate video duplicates and delete them with several mouse clicks. The program compare video files by their actual content. This way, Duplicate Video Search can find the same video stored in 1080p and 720p resolution. You can also locate converted video files or slightly modified ones.

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Web Stream Recorder 2014 - Download video and audio streams

Record Streaming Audio and Video easily
The tool for automatic saving of the audio and video streams while you are browsing the Internet. Web Stream Recorder can save Youtube video as well as any other flash video stream. Online radio and TV broadcasting can be saved to the hard drive too.

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Bolide® Slideshow Creator v2.2 - Free - Make a slide show

Create Video Slideshow for Free
Freeware slideshow making software. Just select the photos, add some music, and save the slideshow as AVI, WMV or MKV video file. Dozens of the transitional effects are available.

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· October 04, 2014 All My Movies 8.1 is available!
· September 12, 2014 All My Books 4.1 has been released today!
· August 20, 2014 Hooray! We released All My Movies 8.0! Download right now!
· July 10, 2014 Finally, we released All My Books 4.0! Download an enjoy!
· June 13, 2014 Meet our new project - AlterCam - live effects for your webcam!
· April 03, 2014 All My Movies 7.9 has been released
· March 02, 2014 We released All My Books 3.9 Enjoy!
· January 28, 2014 We released All My Movies 7.8 today!
· December 26, 2013 All My Books 3.8 is available for download! Happy Holidays!
· November 09, 2013 All My Movies 7.7 is live!
· November 04, 2013 A good day to release All My Books 3.7 ;)
· September 22, 2013 All My Books 3.6 - new version!
· August 07, 2013 Today we released All My Movies 7.6! Happy downloading!
· August 04, 2013 Bolide Slideshow Creator 2.0 is live and still FREE!
· July 31, 2013 We released Bolide Movie Creator v1.3 enjoy our HD video editing software!
· July 29, 2013 Download All My Books v3.5! It's already available!
· May 24, 2013 Today we released All My Movies v7.5!
· May 06, 2013 Are you ready to catalog your books? All My Books v3.4 is waiting you!
· April 05, 2013 We released All My Movies v7.4 with "Live Search" feature!
· March 22, 2013 Long-awaited All My Movies for Android is live!
· February 05, 2013 All My Books HD for iPad is live too!
· January 16, 2013 You asked it, we made it! All My Movies HD for iPad is live!
· January 16, 2013 Well, only 10 years had passed before we made a decision to change a bit the design of our site :) Yes, we have a new design now!
· January 05, 2013 Another two great news! We released All My Books for iPhone and All My Books 3.3!
· January 05, 2013 Another two great news! We released All My Books for iPhone and All My Books 3.3!
· November 30, 2012 Two great news for today! We released All My Movies for iPhone and All My Movies 7.3!
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