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Movie frame capture

Capture Movie Frame

This short article describes how you can capture movie frames with the help of All My Movies™ software.

So, you want to capture your favorite movie frames.
There are two video frame capture modes in All My Movies™ - standard mode and batch mode.

Standard mode is intended for those who care about every frame being captured. By selecting this mode you will have to seek video file for each frame separately. You have a full control on the entire capture process.

Installation File for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Batch mode is suitable if you want to capture movie frames with minimum effort. In this mode All My Movies™ will capture several frames automatically. You can change only the video file seek method and the amount of frames to capture. There are two video file seek methods implemented for the capture purpose - Random frames and Equal parts. The first mode will capture random frames from the video file you provided, the second mode will divide the movie into several equal parts and take one still from each part.

Some shortcuts for you.
To set the frame capture options in All My Movies™, use menu item "Tools-Preferences" (or press CTRL-P keys), go to the "General" tab, "Batch screenshot capture" group. There you can switch on and off batch capture mode, set the amount of frames to capture and select the stills capture method.

Step by step instruction for capture dvd frames.

1. Start All My Movies™ first :)
2. Use menu item "Tools-Preferences" to set frame capture options. This is an optional step.
3. Use menu item "Movie-Add from file" or "Movie-Add from DVD..." and select the video file name or DVD location.
4. If you set automatic screenshot capture option should already have several frames saved. If you have not set this option, you should have a Moviecard window up. Switch to "Screenshots" tab. Use the slider to locate the best movie frames and click the "Save screeshot" button to capture the frame and attach it to your collection.
5. After you are done with capture press the "OK" button to save changes and close Moviecard window.

That's all!

So, now you have captured movie frames attached to the movie record in your collection. You are able to save them as regular image files by right clicking them and selecting "Save Screenshot..."" or "Save all screenshots..." menu item. You can even make a frame movie poster.

Our customer say

All My Movies - Great program
"Wow, I'm really impressed with All My Movies! All my DVD/Bluray discs are ripped onto my HTPC hard drive. I went to Tools and chose Scan Drive For Movies and all 129 movies were cataloged. It wasn't long before I figured out how to gather covers and all the info about all my movies; all done with the click of a mouse. This is a very visual pleasing, mouse friendly, program. I downloaded several programs, both free and not. This is heads and shoulders above the rest. One of the best things about All My Movies is that by double clicking on the picture of the movie it automatically launches the default media player and plays it. Everything else seemed pretty intuitive."
Mark James - Rating: 4.7 -
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