How to Organize Videos

Organize Videos

Like shooting films of your own? Trying to engrave in memory every happiest moment in life or some vital family or friends' events? Are there tons of other files you want to lose by no means? Then home videos must be occupying lots of space in your house, making a great mess and disorder on the shelves, in the bookcase, in your room... Time to stop it! Once and for all organize videos in your home collection using All My Movies!

Follow FOUR easy steps and you'll see how easy and fast it is to organize home videos!

First, create the database using intuitively clear interface and start adding videos to your collection one by one. It's really easy. A video card includes all possible fields for different information about the video - when and how it was shot, who was participating in it, what event it was devoted to, etc. You can also provide a sort of cover for your movie and even add screenshots and comments you like. Isn't it fantastic?

Second, now that your database is ready and lots of videos added, you can easily search in it and add other movies to your collection. All My Movies masterly adds and organizes videos of all possible video formats. Various popular online databases are available like TMDb, and many others. Adding a movie to your collection has never been easier - just enter the movie title and choose the database the search is going to be performed in and Hey Presto! the movie is already in your database. Show the program the local path to it and you'll be able to play right from the program!

Then using All My Movies you can always have at hand the photo, biography and filmography of your favourite actors and directors. There are different directories in the program i.e. the collections of all persons, friends, locations, media types, countries. It's so amazing and convenient that after a couple of days working with the program arm in arm and organizing videos, you won't be able to imagine your life without it. For example, speaking about persons, you don't even have to enter the directory every time you need it - just point to the actor's name in the movie card and brief info about that person will pop up immediate! All My Movies works really wonders!

Finally, printing your video collection using all kinds of templates and export-import opportunities are just wonderful. Choose any template you like and preview what it will be like when printed. You can print both video cards, have a look at the screenshots and covers for your movies. Afterwards, you can look through the album and choose what to watch tonight :). You'll be delighted - the templates and covers are really impressive. Try it yourself!

So, try and organize home videos as well as possible videos from trendy online databases. Try All My Movies for free for a 30-day period and you won't be able to part with it!

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Our customer say

All My Movies - Nice job, guys!
"The program is really awesome! I've been using it for a year already and love it more and more!!! One of the most valuable things for me is that I can have my collection on my phone whenever I go to a movie shop: it allows me to avoid buying the movies I have already in my 600-movie collection.

It's a real must-have for any movie-lover!

Thanks to the developers!))"
- Rating: 4.8 -

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