How to Organize Movie Files

Organize Movie Files

Have you been "ill" with movies for quite a long time? Is your hard drive heaped with tons of movies? Then you must be desperate to organize movie files and clear up all that mess. Well, quick organizing your whole collection of movie files in just a couple of mouse clicks is no more a dream! Moreover, it's also a fun with the trendy movie catalog All My Movies. All possible online databases (,, etc) are at your disposal. This powerful movie catalog easily juggles all possible movie formats, handles Blu-rays, DVDs, and almost any video file format - MKV, AVI and many other.

You want to catalog your large collection of movies located at your hard drive and want to use them in a quick and effective way? There's nothing easier for All My Movies! The program will scan your whole drive for movies and will organize movie files (AVI, MKV and other) by adding movie details into the movie cards automatically. No efforts of yours needed! Movie cards look like this:

organizing movie files

You'd like to play all your movies located on the hard drive right from the movie catalog? For All My Movies it's a pleasure. Just organize your movies, then show the program the way to the folder containing your movies and you'll be able to play all of them right from the main window of the program. It's like an interactive movie album you see. As easy as that! Yeah, I've forgotten to mention - you can also generate a playlist of the movies in your collection and enjoy watching them without thinking over and over again what to watch next.

You find it awesome to keep photos, biographies and filmographies info for all the actors and directors in your collection handy? Congratulations! You've got them already, if you start using All My Movies right now! You'll feel like a Hollywood director choosing stars for your next movie hit :) Info about actors, directors, scenarios is also downloaded automatically from popular online databases. So, every time you point to the actor's name in the movie card, you'll see the photo of your favourite, just like this:

how to organize movie files - Screenshot

You're eager to locate the info about your collection on the Web-site or share it with friends? Using All My Movies you'll do that quickly and beautifully. After you organize your movie files, choose the template to your taste, add any sort of info you need in the report and place the whole movie collection on your personal web-site, or send it to a friend so that you could discuss the films you both have.

Want to always be aware where your favourite movie is and whom you've given it? The built-in loan manager will give you a helping hand - it includes all the necessary info about all debtors and it is sure to remind you when your movie should be back.

So, All My Movies program offers to you a wonderful opportunity to get closer to the movie world, to easily and quickly organize movie files and clear up the mess on your hard drive. Give it a try today and have a nice time! :)

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"ALL MY MOVIES is a excellent, easy to use program, which I used to input 485 movies in my collection. All aspects of the program worked well, and the resultant information was easy to retreive, and looked very nice."
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Our tool is able to organize MKV files as well as to organize AVI files and many other video formats.