How to Organize Video Files

Organize Video Files

Is your collection of video files rather multicoloured? Have you got an extensive mixed collection of AVI-video clips or your favourite wrestling fights stored in MKV format? Then All My Movies is exactly what you need! It picks up the latest information about movies (as well as nice covers for them) from popular online databases and simply works wonders! It works greatly even on large and all-too-various video collections containing not only adored DVDs or promising Blu-rays, but is also absolutely indispensible in organizing video files in other widely spread formats. So, let's review the opportunities and potential of this award-winning program and look more closely at how to organize video files better.

Catalog DVDs and Blu-rays automatically!

As you may know, All My Movies organizes video files using online databases like TMDB and others and certainly allows you to organize DVDs and powerful Blu-rays. You can even import already existing DVD/Blu-ray catalogs from other formats CSV and MS Excel. So, you only need to enter the name of the movie and the program will download all the rest information about actors, directors, scenarios, including their photos, biography and filmography automatically. The info about actors is downloaded automatically as well.

Organize AVI files and let your collection be beautiful!

Being a really trendy high-profile catalog, All My Movies can successfully organize AVI files as well. Capture stills in AVI files, add comments and descriptions, so that afterwards just having a look at the screenshots would automatically and without any efforts bring you to the file itself. All My Movies allows you to play the video files organized right from the program. Moreover, you can store all the necessary information in the database - add any info about the actors, their photos and adjust your collection to your personal needs. You can set user's flags and your whole collection will be even more convenient in use!

Forget the chaos and organize MKV files as well!

If you've got plenty of MP4 or MKV files in collection and want to organize the video files, All My Movies will do the job for you. You'll have no problems searching for them in your huge collection - search options are great! You can quickly find movies by different criteria, even several at a time. All My Movies has got several nice templates which help you to share your collection with friends or place it on your personal website just for fun! You can also print your collection using these templates.

Protect your collection with All My Movies!

Got many adult videos and don't want anyone to access them? Password protection built in the program is a perfect "cure". Just set the password and no one but you will enter your collection! BTW, much attention has been given to collection protection and safety by All My Movies developers - as a result, you've got an easy-to-use loan manager, as well as multilevel automatic collection backup.

Sounds great, doesn't it? :) Well, don't resist the temptation and "taste" All My Movies today!

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All My Movies - It is fun
"I've heard about these organizing programs a lot, but didn't really believe that any of them could organize elephantic collections of movies. All My Movies has exceeded all my expectations! And I was most delighted by the easiness of using the program, even a small child would be able to. Your program is the NUMBER-ONE! I highly recommend everyone having large collections of movies to try it! It's a great help and even more fun!!!"
- Rating: 4.9 -
Here is the answer to your "How to Organize Video Files?" question.
Our tool is able to organize MKV files as well as to organize AVI files and many other video formats.