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How to Organize My DVD Collection?

DVD Collection

Have you got hobbies? I think most of us do. Some like photographing, others enjoy travelling, and many of us prefer collecting things. As for me, my hobby is movies, collecting all kinds of movies, to be exact. Movie is certainly a great way of entertainment and a powerful source of new information about other people's culture, traditions and just fun. I usually buy movies everywhere I happen to be, I am certainly among the first who buy all DVD movies which have just been released. My DVD collection is pretty extensive: it occupies not just a shelf - there are several large cases with movie boxes.

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But as time passes, the amount of movies in my DVD collection grows just like weed. Sometimes all DVD boxes get mixed up and there is such a mess in my room! I am not even always sure where this or that movie is among all these piles of boxes around.

So, for a movie lover like me it's really a challenge to bring them in order: I tried many ways to classify my DVD collection and categorize the movies in some way. At first, I classified them by the title in an alphabetic order - this helped only the first month while I was really obsessed with orderliness of my movies. Then, as is sometimes the case, I relaxed a bit… and all my movies got in a mess again. My next idea was to organize them by genre and several long hours I was trying to separate dramas and thrillers, action movies and comedies, horror films and documentaries. I wasn't lucky enough in that, I have to confess, as many of them successfully fitted in two or even more genres. All my attempts failed…

Did I lose any? Oh, yea, I did lose a number of great movies from my DVD collection. You know, friends sometimes ask for a movie they are looking for and very often forget about it, so do I. I get very upset when it occurs to me remember, that I want to watch some movie.

In an attempt to systematize my collection I even tried to make an inventory of my DVD collection, and did a lot of typing, carefully and patiently entering titles, actors' names, directors, genre, year of release, etc. I spent days doing all that, but it required too much effort and a lion's share of my precious time…

Are you acquainted with all these problems? Are you striving to organize your DVD collection and manage it in a clever way? Then it's time to get disciplined and get all your movies organized in such a way that you could easily find one, learn detailed information about the movie, director, actors. It's hard to believe, but all you need for your DVD collection has already been realized in special collection software, which is capable of picking up all the information from the most popular online databases, remembering whom you loaned your favourite movie and in a matter of seconds will produce a list of your movies in the most preferable way. Let me introduce you All My Movies software!

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Our customer say

All My Movies - Nice job, guys!
"The program is really awesome! I've been using it for a year already and love it more and more!!! One of the most valuable things for me is that I can have my collection on my phone whenever I go to a movie shop: it allows me to avoid buying the movies I have already in my 600-movie collection.

It's a real must-have for any movie-lover!

Thanks to the developers!))"
- Rating: 4.8 -

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