5 Things You Can't Do with a Decent DVD Library Manager

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Those keen on movies and crazy about all kinds of films are often told what this or that movie library software can do. Companies compete describing awesome advantages of their movie organizers. In this article we are not going to do that - quite the opposite: you will get to know about 5 things you CAN'T do with a good DVD library manager like All My Movies. Okay, let's go and consider those in detail.

#1. You can't waste time

Yeah, it's really difficult to waste time with a good DVD library manager because every feature, your every step is meant to save your time and effort. Movies are added automatically in a number of possible ways, movie info is taken from online movie databases within seconds, what is left for you is enjoy the process. When you look for a movie, you also do it very efficiently without wasting any time - due to advanced search function, quick filters, etc.

#2. You just can't lose your movies

It's simply impossible with the good DVD library manager. The program has a smart loan manager which keeps track of your movies like an highly qualified guard and does not allow any of them to disappear. Say, you've got many friends and like lending movies to them. Very often you forget about them and eventually lose them. What a shame! All My Movies just won't allow you to forget a single episode!

#3. You can't miss new info about your favourite actors and actresses

You see high-end DVD library managers got the function of updating all the info about actors and actresses in your collection in a couple of clicks - there's such an option. Just a click and here you are! For example, All My Movies has got a Persons Directory which accumulates all the exciting facts about actors, directors and scenario writers in your collection. Very informative and inspiring!

#4. You can't get bored with your movie collection

Actually, using an excellent DVD library manager is a great fun! First, it's the look. This movie organizing software has several striking view modes which can't leave you indifferent. Second, there are beautiful templates, an impressive Virtual Shelf mode, as well as personal marks, custom quick filters, export and import options, you name it - all of them are meant to make users' life easier and a lot more enjoyable.

#5. You just can't get enough of your DVD collection

There are so many exciting features of the high-grade DVD library manager All My Movies that you won't want to distract from your DVD collection. Thus, if you just like, you could print out movie cards and the whole movie collection and it's up to up to choose which fields you need in your printed version.

So, that was the list of things you can't do with All My Movies. Though it's better to try it yourself ;) It's free for 30 days!

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