Setting up a DVD Inventory

DVD Inventory

DVDs are one of the most popular entertainment items a person can buy, and a DVD inventory is an excellent way to keep track of your collection. Most people have several DVDs. Some have only a few favorites while others seem to be competing with the local movie rental store. In either case, the likelihood that each of us movie lovers will buy more movies, or receive more movies as gifts, is highly likely.

With any collection that's large or has the potential to become large, keeping track of it is important and should be something you take the time to do. If you watch a lot of movies, then you might regularly revisit your DVD collection to look for your next 2 hours of entertainment, but the likelihood that you watch all of your movies regularly is slim. If your collection is very large, you might not even be able to recall whether you own a certain movie or you watched a rented or borrowed video. A DVD inventory eliminates this problem.

Even those with fairly small DVD collections probably can't rattle off the title of every movie they own. We all tend to rent movies or borrow them from friends as well as purchase them and get them as gifts, so remembering what we own and what we've merely watched is a challenge. For someone who's been collecting DVDs for years now, the collection can be even harder to keep track of. But with DVD inventory software, you won't ever have to wonder if you have all 3 movies in that action trilogy or if you rented the second one.

You might be wondering right now exactly why having a DVD inventory is important. Does it really matter if you don't know whether you ever bought that DVD you wanted or just borrowed it?

A variety of bad things can befall us, like fire damage, flood or theft. DVDs are small things and relatively inexpensive, so you might not consider how much you have invested in them as a whole-a large collection can represent thousands of dollars, after all. If you have a DVD inventory, you have something to present to your insurance agent. If you don't, let's face it, you're probably going to be too worried about other things than to want to take the time to make a list of your movies. The inventory list is more likely to impress an insurance agent than one you remember after the fact, too.

Movie lovers sometimes have difficulty remembering which movies they own and which they've seen mostly because we love share our favorites with friends and family. Have you ever loaned something out only to never get it back, and then not been able to remember where it went? DVD inventory software lets you keep track of those loaned out favorites. That's no guarantee you'll get them back, but you'll know what to say when Joe, who's had your favorite DVD for 3 months, asks to borrow your precious Exclusive Extended Double-Disk Collector's Edition.

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