Organizing Your Movie Collection on the Hard Drive

Have you downloaded tons of movies from torrents? Movies are just scattered all over your hard drive? There is a simple way to make a beautiful catalogue of the movie collection on your hard drive. To achieve that, you need to download and install the program which is called All My Movies - that is the software we're going to talk about in this article.

Why Make a Catalog?

You love movies, don't you? Would you like to know more about them? Do you want to quickly find the right movie and start it within a click? Do you want to know how many comedies, horror films and action movies you've got? And what about the most popular actor in your collection? Or maybe you'd like to find out about other movies your favourite director did.

If there is at least one question you gave a positive answer to, the catalog of movies on your hard drive is accurately what you need! Besides, the movie files on the hard drive can hardly provide you more information than, say, the title and the year of release. The digital catalog makes the whole thing much more convenient and clear. Just see how your collection of movies may look:

All My Movies v7.6 screenshot

For every movie, you've got full information, including the poster and rating, and you don't have to enter all the information manually. All My Movies will create the movie catalog for you and all the additional information will be added automatically from TMDb.

How to Create a Movie Catalog on Your Hard Drive using All My Movies

So, let's download and install the program. That's easy. Now we need to add movies to our catalog. It can be done in several ways. The easiest one is to use the menu "Movie - Add from File". At that stage, the program will fill in some fields - movie duration, resolution, and codec info. If you have tons of movies on the hard drive, then you'd better use a more powerful tool. You can start it using the menu "Tools - Scan drive for movies...". The program asks you where (which drive or which folder) it should be searching for movies, and then it gives you the list of movies found to add:

scanning hard drive for movies screenshot

Before you click "Add Movies", you can delete from this list those files which you aren't going to add.

Pay attention to the option "Remove existing". It's a very useful function if you have scanned your drive for movies before. Using this option, you can automatically delete from this list those movies which have already been added to the catalog.

It's also a good idea to use the option "Find deleted" - it thoroughly checks all the files of movies present in your catalog and if a movie file has been deleted from the drive, the program suggests removing the movie card from your catalog as well.

And don't forget about the option "Perform scan for new video files on program start", which is presented in the form of a checkbox. If it is activated, the program searches for video files in the same folder on the hard drive every time the program starts. If there are files which are not present in the catalog, the program will propose adding them.

So, your movie catalog has just been created. Each movie record in the database is associated with the relevant video file on your hard drive. It means that you don't need to search for the right movie file on your hard drive anymore. You can start any movie by clicking on a special button on the toolbar in the main window of All My Movies:

start movie playback screenshot

To make your catalog more attractive, it's a good idea to download additional information for movies from TMDb. To accomplish it, just click on the right button on the movie card:

start movie playback screenshot

Congratulations! You've just organized your movie collection on the hard drive! Now you've got a stylish movie catalog you can be proud of!


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