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Welcome to All My Movies Help!

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Organize Movies Quickly and Without Any Troubles!


All My Movies is a personal movie database meant for those tired of managing their movie collection manually or using difficult-to-use software programs. It is an easy-to-use DVD catalog program. You can use it to catalogue your personal collection of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, etc... You do not need to type all movie details; All My Movies™ downloads all the details from the internet movie database automatically! All My Movies is really a multilingual movie organizer application. It now supports many languages.


All My Movies puts all your movie collection in front of you. It displays the list of movies and movie descriptions. To view a movie card, simply click on a title from the movie list and its card opens for viewing. If the database is large, you can locate a movie via the movie finder field on top of the main window. Key in the first letters of the movie, and the program will instantly display the title. You can also browse your movie database ordered the way you want.

Adding a movie to All My Movies is really easy. Just click on the Add button and key in the information about the movie: such as original title or title title, then choose the database you would like to search in and go. All the rest information which includes director, scenario, year, country, genres, rating, actors can be automatically downloaded by All My Movies from the internet. Simply type in the movie’s original title, or bar code and the program will search various internet movie databases – all in a few seconds!

All My Movies makes it easy to import an external XML or CSV database. The software can also export its own database to other formats, including CHM, HTML, PDF, MS Excel, Plaintext or image. Export to mobile devices is also available.

Among many useful features, All My Movies offers a built-in loan manager that will keep track of those who borrowed movies from you and remind you when they are due back, so you will never again lose sight of the movie.

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