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Setting up preferences

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Setting up preferences

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You can change the look of All My Movies in the Preferences dialog. The dialog consists of 6 tabs:



In this tab, you can enable or disable the option to compress a database on exit, show the tip of the day, select multiple movies, show splash screen on startup and check for updates weekly.


Display area

This tab allows you to change the current skin for a new one or disable skins altogether. Other options are related to movie cards. The options let you show the stars rating, original movie title, alternative person's name, movie list on the top, empty fields (HTML mode). Additionally, you can select some additional columns to display.



In this tab, you can set the language of the program. Currently, you can choose from 30 languages. They are English, Russian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, French, Romanian and Portuguese.


Online databases

In the Online databases tab, you can set the default online source to scan for movie information and select the databases that will be available for selection when you add a movie automatically.

Currently, All My Movies supports over 14 sources, the list being constantly updated. The sources are,,,,,,,,,, etc.

In this tab, you can also enter your proxy server information: login, address and password.


Custom fields

The Custom fields tab lets you add or delete custom fields.


Expert options

The final tab is for experts. You can use it to enable the option to store all the images inside the database and check for duplicate title when adding a new movie. It's recommended not change the default settings in this tab unless you know what you are doing.