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Support information

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Support information

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Bolide Software provides several sources where customers can get help or learn more about All My Movies.


Support Forum


Bolide Software has a growing community of users who discuss different topics with each other and our developers on the online forum. If you have a question about the product or want to suggest a new feature, you can do it on the forum.

To visit the forum:

1. Run Internet Explorer or any other browser.

2. Enter this URL in the address bar:

Customer Support


If you are having a technical question but haven't found any answer on our website or support forum, you can contact our customer support team. You can do this through the Feedback form on the website or directly from the application.

To email from the application:

1. Run All My Movies.

2. Select Help > Support.

3. Your mail client will open a new message with our support email in the address field.


Please note: priority support is provided only to registered users. Registered users get response within 24 hours. Other users can get replies to support requests as quickly as possible.

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