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All My Movies has got several great directories which gather the related information from the whole database. 'Names' directory unites all the persons connected with the movies in your collection; 'Friends' directory is meant to keep information about all your friends, including debtors. 'Media locations' and 'Media Types' directories display all the media locations and types specified in your movie cards. 'Genres' and 'Countries' directories contain all the related data as well. In all the directories you can add new entries and delete the old ones.

But NOTE: if you delete an element for any directory, it disappears from all the movie cards in your collection!


For the purpose of movie collection unification Merge function can be very useful, especially when information about movies or persons is picked up from more the one database, the same genre can have different names. To combine them, there is the Merge function. You can select several variants of one and the same element - right click on it – select Merge. There will be proposed some variants how to name these elements. Having been combined, all these values in all the movies will be uniformly.




Media Locations

Media types