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If you're the one person in your group of friends who seems to always have their nose in a book, maybe it's time to turn your habit into a business. After all, you can't read all of those books in your home at once, so maybe it's time to start a resale business. Not only can you easily run this sort of business from your home, but it can also help you bring in some additional income. With library management software, this business is easy to begin and easy to maintain. Here's what you need to do.

Gathering Inventory for Your Bookselling Business

Of course, if you want to start selling books, you will need to have an inventory to sell. While you might have a number of books you can part with from your own home, it's also a good idea to look at other low cost sources of books. Some of the best places to look are garage sales and at thrift shops. At these locations, you can find a number of books for just cents and then you can turn around and price them higher, generating a simple profit. Just make sure to find books that are in good shape, without water damage or other visible signs of heavy wear and tear. Once you have amassed a good collection of books, you can then use your library management software to organize the collection into genres, authors, and other categories that your customers might appreciate.

Tracking Your Sales with Library Management Software

Once you have your entire inventory entered into the library management software, you can then begin to start selling books. You might hand out your catalog list to potential customers. Then, they can pick out the ones they want and then fax or mail the form to you, pay you, and you can send them the books they ordered. Or you can even set up a stand at a flea market or other sales venue to begin to access customers. With your organized list in hand, you can show customers what you have immediately.

Of course, this process is much easier if you use the library management software in conjunction with a website. This way, you can enter new inventory on the sit as it arrives at your home and you can take orders without having to have normal business hours or a physical store. Customers can just place their orders online and then you can setup a system in which orders are automatically billed and packing slips are created. From there, all you need to do is to head to the post office to send the books on their way to a new owner.

Best Library Management Software

A bookselling business doesn't take any previous business experience and since the supplies you need to start selling can be found for just pennies, you can get this business started in any economy in just a day. With library management software, you can easily track the books you have and make notes about books your customers request so that you can 'shop' to find the books your customers desire.

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