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Reading has become far more convenient these days. Many people used to think that with the advent of high technology, electronic libraries and the Internet, book reading was going to die out like dinosaurs did hundreds years ago. On the contrary, book reading has got more sophisticated and acquired many different forms. Now we got all sorts of digital readers for all possible ebooks formats; many possess smart phones and just ordinary mobiles which allow installing ebook readers to mobiles, so that you can read any time anywhere you like: on a bus, in a taxi, in the subway, in a park, etc. Sadly, as a result of such book formats diversity and love of reading, a mess in your digital library has become an everyday reality...

Number-one ebook manager is round the corner!

As it turned out, the solution to this problem is on the surface - all you need is a powerful ebook manager. It will do all "dirty" work for you and save a lot of time! It picks up book info from a number of popular databases within seconds even a huge digital library can be created very quickly, without wasting time! Moreover, the loan manager won't allow you to forget about a book in your library and is sure to remind you to get the book back. One of the biggest benefits of ebook manager is that you really save, save your money, since you always know which books you own and avoid wasting money.

No compromise! Customize the ebook management software to your taste!

It's really easy to use and customize this ebook manager. Skins, templates, view modes, custom fields and flags - all these can be chosen to your taste and mood! Choose a cover from the covers database, add personal marks to the book cards. It's all up to you to choose! Or put your ebooks on a virtual bookshelf and just enjoy the view.

Take advantage of full functionality

Want to see all fantasy books in your library or wish to choose something to read by Oscar Wilde? Voila! Sorting and grouping options are superb! Quick filters are absolutely awesome! In seconds your book collection is filtered by the criterion needed. Export and import functions will help to share book collection with friends or send it by email or export to mobile device.

Print your ebook collection in a couple of steps

Using such ebook management programr, you can print book cards and the whole ebook collection momentarily. Moreover, it's up to you to choose the fields you want to be displayed - add the needed ones and do ahead. Now you've got a clear view of the whole book collection.

You know you can read loads of info about e-book managers, but a single picture paints a thousand words. You'd better try one of the best e-book managers All My Books and evaluate it yourself!

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"We downloaded this software after reviewing a myriad of other application on this subject. My wife and I are ( and have been ) avid readers and collectors over the years and both amassed quite a large collection of books. We recently built a library in our living room and wanted something to record what we actually HAVE in our collection. After just half an hour of downloading the demo of this software, we immediately purchased it. The interface is VERY user friendly, the ISBN input makes recording your book EXTREMELY easy, fast, and utterly complete (including a synopsis of what the book is actually about)."
- Rating: 4.8 -
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E-book formats supported: PDF, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), LIT, MOBI (Kindle), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2
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