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As a keen advocate for using software where possible it occurred to me that perhaps I could find some suitable software for my massive book and e-book library.

I have over 150 e-books on diets and bodybuilding and have previously used multi file searching and the crude technique of just dumping all such books into a single folder, for "easy searching". Not!

Rather than the hassle of creating my own e-book library I thought I'd sniff around for existing programs and ended up finding more e-book library programs than I expected. Only one of them though jumped out as being slick, polished, professional and most importantly, flexible and easy to use.

I get a lot of questions regarding diets and nutrition, as well as exercise techniques, workouts etc. Biggly, my own diet software was created because I wasn't happy with anything else out there. I thought I would be in the same situation when it came to organizing my own e-book library but "All My Books" saved the day nicely. Now when I get a question such as "Who says you should taper your calories on a diet?" or similar I can easily search through my own notes and other data associated with each book. It's easy to create categories of my own choosing, such as diet, then sub categories such as low carb, high calorie bulking etc.

Originally the intention was to use it only for e-books, but I've since made a complete library of my bodybuilding books in print plus my wife has been busy doing the same with her work stuff from Uni.

I rarely write reviews or endorsements but All My Books gets two thumbs up.

Things I liked:

What I didn't like:

Nothing. The more I use it the more I like it.

Finally, great e-book manager program for everyone.

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If you are interested in using All My Books, please read the detailed article on cataloging e-books in the program.

Our customer say

All My Books - Excellent

"Hello! I wouldn't know where to begin. AllMyBooks has gotten so much better... But in random order what I like best about the program:

The interface is excellent!

Updating book information through numerous sites (Goodreads/Google and so on) especially seeing as I have lots of old books without ISBN number

The fact you can add not only the cover of a book but also illustrations

The fact that you can add a Biography (with picture) of the author

The virtual shelf (my idea to have this added hope others enjoy it) And on and on. There is just too much to mention!!! Overall it helps me keep track of the books I have and the location they are in. I even uploaded all to my website so whenever I am in an antiquarian bookshop and want to buy a book from them, I can have a look to be sure I don't already have that particular book (I sometimes forget if I already have a book)!!!"
- Rating: 4.6 -

Looking for E-Book library software? We got one for you.

E-book formats supported: FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), PDF, DjVu, LIT, MOBI (Kindle format), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2

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