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Is reading books your greatest passion? Then you must have tons of paper books or modern ebooks and possibly audio books in your collection! If so, keeping that many books under control is not an easy job actually. It's boring. It's tiring. It's time-consuming at last! Still it's not the season to get upset, because now there is ebook database software! The one like All My Books is able to turn this hard job into a lot of fun! Let's see how!

Add ebooks and audiobooks to database by scanning folders

You are sure to start enjoying the ebook database program from the very first minute of using it, as adding books is just fun! No time wasting. No manual efforts needed. No problems caused. Just get it to scan the folders of your PC hard drive and add all the books to the collection strikingly easily and super-quickly! All My Books has a quick access to all popular online book databases and it will automatically pick up all the right info in seconds. You can also enter the book title and immediately get the book details.

Organize all the stuff the way you feel like!

The ebook data base software allows you to group, sort and filter your collection in any possible way - by author, genre, publisher, type of book, etc. If you are a happy owner of a gigantic library, you are sure to appreciate the innovative search options - use several criteria at a time to find the book immediately in no-matter-how-large book collection! Specifying the local path to your ebook or audio book, you will be able to start your books right from the program.

Feel secure with the 21st century ebook database software

Your security is in the focus of this e-book database software. So, your book collection is protected in a number of ways. First of all, you've got a loan manager. It patiently tracks all the books you've got and always remind you when your book should be home :) Secondly, multistep automatic backup will help not to lose your database even if your computer suddenly crashes. Password protection will help you to limit access to your book library.

Get some fun printing your ebook collection and sharing it with friends

All My Books is very friendly indeed! In the e-book database program there are various ways to share your book collection with friends due to powerful export and import options. Printing your database is a very pleasant feature indeed! You choose yourself which info you need in your printed version. You can also select one of the impressive templates available and choose the view mode you particularly love to make your book collection look just gorgeous! It's fun!:)

If you are passionate about reading and keeping your books in a perfect order, get some fun today! Feel free to download All My Books! It's free for a 30-day trial period. I bet you won't regret it! ;)

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All My Books - Perfect software

"All My Books is perfect for someone who has, or has read numerous books. My database of books read (library, audio books, books read during lifetime) or currently owned books, including e-books (on Kindle, I-Books, audio books), hardcover and paperback books are easily accessed. I have entered almost 5,300 books and short stories. I just checked - I have 2,700 unread (many e-books are shorter than 20 pages). It is really easy to get the books into the database. Once in, the ability to sort by author, title, location, and other sorts of criteria is fantastic."
- Rating: 4.7 -
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E-book formats supported: PDF, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), LIT, MOBI (kindle), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2

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