Bolide® Software Refund Policy

30 day money back If you see this logo on the product page, we will return you money if you are not satisfied with the product. This rule works for almost all of our software.

But if no Money Back Guarantee logo is shown, refund or return is not possible. We do not offer refunds on software where the customer has already activated the license. Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to download, install, and test-drive the evaluation versions that we provide.

We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. The trial period allows our customers to make an informed purchasing decision. Once that purchase has been made, we do not offer a cash refund or an exchange. We feel this policy is consistent with the major software retailers worldwide. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated.

Once a license has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible for us to recall all copies. Therefore, Bolide Software does not accept product returns or exchanges. You are expected to be satisfied with the product before purchasing. There is NO EXCEPTION from this policy.

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