Digital Photo Album Software with Encryption

This page provides a list of current features, and some technical details for Hide Photos, the digital photo album software for your PC. If you find this page boring, you can also read how to keep your private photos private or simply download Hide Photos right now.

Digital Photo Album Software Feature List

Nice Layout

Digital Photo Album Software Main Screen

Hide Photos has all of the common features found in other applications:

  • Strong encryption for entire digital photo album and/or for separate photos
  • Secure photo browser with Explorer-like interface.
  • Built-in full screen photo viewer. Of course, password is required to view the photos.
  • Image metadata displaying (EXIF details, image color format, resolution, etc.)
  • Quality slide show program with the ability to select a random transition from hundreds of effects
  • Write your own description and set tags for each photo. Encrypt your comments (Optional). You will need to enter the correct password in order to search for photos by their description.
  • Powerful secure photo search function
  • Easy to add new photos. Add photos as a group from any drive, add entire folders with photos, or just drag and drop your photos into the folder of your choice!
  • Multilingual user interface. Currently Hide Photos is available in English, Dutch, German, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Spanish and Russian languages
  • Hide Photos supports a majority of image file formats, including RAW professional photo format
  • Unlimited amount of folders, and an unlimited amount of photos in one folder

Easy to use

Just drag and drop your private pictures to Hide Photos, and it will keep them secure.

What makes Hide Photos different and better it's ability to encrypt a "storage" area as well as individual photos. You can also assign different passwords for storage and photo encryption. Hide Photos will never unpack images to the temporary folder, making it a truly safe solution for your private photo storage. Protect your photos with Hide Photos today, and feel safe! Private photo album software with strong encryption.

Some Technical Details

All of your photos are placed in an encrypted container (Named "storage" in the program). It is a file on your hard drive with the .HPG extension. A Strong AES (256 bit) algorithm is used for encryption and SHA is used for hashing. The photo search function looks for the given substring in photo file name, photo tags, and photo comments (if it is not encrypted or has been decrypted with the current password). You can save a backup copy of your encrypted storage at any time and burn it on CD or DVD.

Password Protection for Your Photos

Best choice

Hide Photos is the only way to keep your private photos private.

for only $9.95

Hide Photos secures your photos behind a password that you yourself will define. Upon creation you should also come up with a hint. This hint will be displayed in case you forget your password. Remember to be logical when selecting your hint. If you, even with the help of your hint, can't remember the password, you will not be able to access your encrypted photos anymore. We can't help you with password recovery because it is impossible to break the encryption.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11