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Delicious Library for Windows PC

Delicious Library

I think you know the great catalog application for Mac named Delicious Library. If you are looking for Delicious Library for Mac, please go to the program's home page. There is no reason to look for a better collectors software for Mac.

Unfortunately, Delicious Library author has no plans to make his library organizer program available for Windows PC computers. But don't be upset, we have a good Delicious Library alternative for Windows PC!

Installation File for Windows Vista/7/8/10

Download Delicious Library alternative

Save your time!

If you are going to switch from Mac to Windows PC for some reason, I guess you'll want to keep your favourite software as well. There is no fully identical Delicious Library for Windows, but stop here and save your time. You do not need to try many organizer programs for Windows, try only one - All My Movies. I think you will find this application as a good replacement for Delicious Library. Starting with 5.4 version All My Movies has a virtual shelf view mode for your collection like it was in Delicious Library! Moreover, you can switch the shelf design or even draw your own one. If you have used Delicious Library for your books, please take a look at our All My Books program.

Save your money!

Since you are migrating from other movie organizer program, you can take advantage of our great offer. In short, you do not need to pay a full price for All My Movies, we offer you a large 30% discount for the existing Delicious Library users. We are waiting for your order!

Very short feature list

Still in doubt? Give me several more seconds to help you to make a right decision :) Here is the short All My Movies feature list.

  • No typing needed. The program is able to download movie details automatically from dozens online databases. All details including the cover image are filled in automatically in a matter of seconds. The same is for actors - get an actor photo with the rest details in two mouse clicks.
  • Import your existing collection from many formats, export your collection to HTML, CHM, PDF, XLS and other formats.
  • Barcode scanner and carousel DVD storage devices support.
  • Handy browsing, searching and statistics for your collection.
  • Built-in loan manager with the loan history
  • More


Please proceed to the download page. Thank you! We are waiting for your feedback about our programs.

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Our customer say

All My Movies - Switched from Movie Collector
"Tired of subscription model where I have to pay constantly for Movie Collector software. Switched to All My Movies and happy again. The good thing - All My Movies imported my existing collection and I don't need to fill it in again. Thank you guys!"
- Rating: 4.9 -
Looking for Delicious Library Windows PC version? You just landed at the right page :)
Download Delicious Library alternative

Our customer say

All My Movies - Brilliant
"I wonder how on Earth I could do without your GREAT program before! It's just brilliant!! So many features, so many opportunities it gives to users! I own about a thousand movies - DVDs, Blu-rays - and it was a pain to organize them all. Your program has everything I've been dreaming about! And I love it!!!

Thanx a lot!!!"
- Rating: 4.7 -

Make your own Delicious Library Windows PC version.


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