All My Software short manual

All My Software is a flexible and handy little utility that enables you to keep track of your software. This gives you a single point of reference for whenever you need to contact a software vendor or reference your license information for a particular software title. You can even attach a file to your inventory record, keeping everything for that software title in one place.

There are some basic functions in All My Software. You can add several software records at once, you can add one record at a time, you can also individually add developer records. All My Software will do its best to add the developer records for you automatically when you add a software title by using the Windows registry as your reference, depending on whether or not that information is provided by the software vendor in your Windows registry. If it is not found, it will report that the developer for a particular title is unknown, and you can then add it manually.

To begin using All My Software you must first collect your software titles from your Windows registry. Simply click your F5 function key. This will check the registry and present to you all of the titles that are not presently part of your existing software list in All My Software. If this is the first time you are adding any records, it will show you all of the titles. If this is a subsequent time you are adding records, it will show you only those titles that are not part of your current software list in All My Software.

Perhaps you wish to add the titles manually. You can do this also by clicking on the blank page button to add a new record. It may be that you will also need to add a new developer record. To do this, click on the single gear button. A little balloon will pop up as you mouse over each button, displaying its function.

One of the very powerful features of All My Software is the ability to export your inventory to MS Excel. This is done by going to the Tools menu and choosing Export to MS Excel. The shortcut key combination is CTRL + M. A dialog box will come up allowing you to select the fields you would like to export. Simply choose the desired fields and follow the prompts. This feature is not available in the Trial mode of the software.

Preferences can also be selected from the Tools menu. At this time, you can select the language, backup database reminder frequency, and to auto save changes. More enhancements will be coming soon to this menu item, including the ability to choose the display font and the background color.