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Movie menu

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Add a new movie to the database. Selecting this option opens a tabbed Movie card dialog with the fields, such as Original title,Title, Director, Bar code, Studio, Year, Rating, Actors, Description and others. You can fill in the fields manually if you have all information about the movie, or you can download the information from the internet. Currently, All My Movies can search for a movie in over 14 online resources, including,,, and others (see Adding a new movie automatically).

hmtoggle_arrow1 Add DVD...

Add DVD from the DVD drive used on default on your PC. If there's no disc in the drive, the program offers to choose DVD root folder.



Add DVD by Bar code...

Add a new DVD to the database by entering the bar code or using the barcode scanner (see Adding a new movie using a barcode).

hmtoggle_arrow1 Add from file...

Add a new movie having .AVI, MPEG and other formats located at your hard drive.



Open the existing movie card for editing (see Editing a movie).


Add cover...

Add a cover art to the movie card from file on the computer or from any removable device like an optical disk. Currently, the program allows you to add images in all supported image formats (see Adding a cover).


Get cover from TWAIN (scanner)

Add a cover art from scanner. To do so, select the TWAIN source in the dialog that opens and scan in the image  (see Adding a cover).


Get large cover

Get a large cover for your movie from


Add screenshot

Add an screenshot to the movie card from movie file on the computer hard drive or any removable device. (see Adding a new movie automatically)



Enter the name of the person who you loan a movie to and time to wait before the loan return (see Loaning a movie)


Print movie card

Open the print preview window for setting up printing options and printing the movie card (Printing).


Print collection

Choose a template from the list available or create your own to print the whole collection (Printing).



Delete a currently selected movie card.