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Loaning a movie

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Loaning a movie

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All My Movies has a convenient system to track loaned movies. It'll help you to remember who you loaned a movie and when you're to expect it back.

To loan a movie:

1. Go Movie > Loan / Return.

The 'Loan to' window appears (see the screenshot below).

2. Select the name of the loaner from the drop-down menu.


Please note: If the name of the loaner is not in the menu, you can add it to the database from Directories > Friends.

3. Choose the days to wait before the movie return.

4. Click OK.

Apart from choosing from the list, you can enter the name at will. New names are automatically added to the directory, after that you will be able to add more details. The list of debtors (those who didn't return the movie in time) can be seen in Quick filter - Show overdue.

Now you can find all persons that borrowed your movies. Simply Go QuickFilter > Show Loans.

You can also find all the movies which are overdue by selecting the Show Overdue filter from the same menu.

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