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Adding a cover

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Adding a cover

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All My Movies allows you to add a cover art image to a movie card. You can do this in the following ways: download automatically from the selected online database, add an image file from the computer hard drive or use a TWAIN scanner to scan in a cover from a movie box.


1. To get the cover from the online database:

1. Go Movie - Get large cover (or press F2)

2. From the list of the movie names choose the movie needed and the large cover will be automatically added to the collection.

You can also specify the order of getting covers for your movies and choose default databases where the program is going to search for covers. If you by any reason do not want to add covers at all, you can put a tick in the checkbox "Do not import covers at all". It can be found in Tools - Preferences - Online databases tab (see the picture below)



Or you can add your own covers either using a scanner or from you PC hard drive.

To add a cover from the computer:

1. Go Movie > Add Cover.

2. Browse to the cover art image in the dialog that opens.

3. Select the image (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP)

4. Click Open.

To add a cover from the TWAIN scanner:

1. Go Movie > Get cover from TWAIN (scanner).

2. Select the TWAIN source.

3. Scan in the image using the scanner software.

Here you are!

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