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In the digital age, creating a digital catalog for your home library is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Whether your collection consists of printed books, e-books, or audiobooks, All My Books offers an all-in-one solution to organize them efficiently. Let's dive into how you can digitize your collection of printed books with ease.

Getting Started with All My Books

First things first, download and install All My Books using the link above, ensuring a safe download for Windows users. Upon launching, you might notice a demo catalog populated with sample books. Simply use the CTRL-A shortcut to select all entries, followed by the Delete key to start afresh.

Adding Books to Your Catalog

Adding a new book to your catalog is straightforward. Navigate through the menu and select "Book -> Add..." or press the Insert key for a quicker approach. This action brings up the Book Card dialog box, featuring several tabs and text fields. Luckily, manual data entry is minimal as the software can automatically populate most of these fields for you.

For instance, when adding a classic like Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island", simply enter its title into the "Original title" field and hit Enter. The software defaults to searching Goodreads (among other databases), making it easy to locate your book.

All My Books: book card

Once the search yields results, select your edition by double-clicking it, and voilà, most of the book card fields are auto-filled. The cover images can help you select the correct edition for your book.

All My Books: selecting a card from online search results

Now you have selected the book from the online search results, and All My Books have automatically filled most fields in the book card. Isn't that great? To save the book information in the catalog, click the "OK" button in the Book Card dialog box. If you want to add more books, click the "Next book" button; the application will save the current book in the catalog and open an empty card for adding a new book, which will save you a couple of clicks.

As you can see, the application also automatically loads cover images. The book added to the catalog looks as follows:

All My Books: information about the book

The information about the book looks like that if you use the standard view template, but you can select a different option by clicking "View -> HTML template" in the menu.

All My Books can download information about a book from many online sources. You can switch the source by clicking the small triangle button (to the right of the "Original title" field in the Book Card dialog box).

Beyond Title Searches

All My Books doesn’t stop at title searches. You can also add books by author or ISBN. If you have a barcode scanner, the process is even more streamlined, as All My Books is compatible with most USB scanners, facilitating batch additions via ISBN codes. Moreover, importing existing collections, such as those in MS Excel, is just a few clicks away under "Tools -> Import from -> Import from MS Excel..."

Making the Most of Your Catalog

Once your catalog is set up, All My Books turns into an indispensable tool for managing your collection. Access statistics under "Tools -> Statistics" to get insights into your library, from genre popularity to author frequency. The software's search functionality, accessible via F3, allows for easy location of books based on various criteria, including their physical location on your shelves.

For those who lend out books, a handy feature is marking books as "lent" using F12, which keeps track of who has borrowed what and when. Don't like the default display? Switch between views like "Virtual shelf" and "Cover flow" to find one that suits your taste.

Sharing your catalog is straightforward, too. You can export it to PDF or print it directly from the software, making it easy to share your collection with friends who might not use All My Books.


All My Books not only simplifies the cataloging process but also enhances the way you interact with and enjoy your home library. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it's an essential tool for book lovers. Dive in, organize, and rediscover your collection in ways you never thought possible. Happy reading!

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All My Books - Great for cookbooks

"I bought All My Books and so did a friend of mine. We are both in love with it. We are cookbook collectors and keep many "books" in our computers using Mastercook recipe software. We point All My Books at our various files, it then goes and looks online for a match...we add info if that's called for right there on the info grabbed window...and store...and the beauty of that is: the program allows us to also store a link back to the "book" and set it to open that book when we click on the little book icon that the program has."
- Rating: 4.5 -