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How to Organize Ebooks

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Organizing E-books

organize ebooks

The world of books has been tempting you for years? Your book shelves are full of all sorts of books and a terrible mess on your hard drive due to quite a number of ebooks and audiobooks is driving you crazy? Then you need emergency cataloging help: to organize ebooks on your PC as well as adorable audiobooks. Well, you've got it already - here comes All My Books! This powerful book catalog does the trick easily and in no time actually, no matter how extensive your book collection is.

Installation File for Windows Vista/7/8/10

(Official Download. No Toolbars, No Ads, No Third-Party Bundles. Easy to Uninstall.)

All My Books is very friendly and masterly unites all book formats, equally well organizing ebooks, printed books, audiobooks and digital books of all possible formats. It's also really beautiful - have a look at it in the Virtual Shelf Mode most loved by its users:

organizing ebooks

You won't have to enter any info to organize ebooks in your collection. All My Books automatically downloads all the info from popular online databases like Powells.com, Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com. So, it knows everything all about organizing ebooks and saves your time a lot. So, all you have to do is to enter the book title and choose the database to search in. And apart from that, there are also other ways to add ebooks to your collection - using ISBN or scanning drive for e-books. All the rest is done by the program itself without your participation, while you're having a cup of coffee or chatting with a friend!

The software will make your life a lot more fruity and colourful with a number of other amazing view modes and templates available. These can also be used to share your ebook collection with friends, to print book cards having added all the fields needed, as well as export your book collection to other formats. For example, having organized ebooks, you can upload your book collection to your personal website or send it to a friend. By the way, using All My Books you can not only add info about authors and translators of the book, but also illustrations for the books and author's photo as well.

Owners of large collections will find options of multiple search and several quick filters which allow you to quickly find the book needed even if your ebook collection is quite large.

Organize Ebooks with the Perfect Software

All My Books is also flexible - using it you'll be able to import the existing database of ebooks and not create everything from the very beginning. It takes care of you - password protection, automatic database backup, powerful loan manager - all these features protect your book collection in a number of ways and help to organize ebooks effectively.

So, if you want to organize ebooks quickly and effectively, try All My Books! You'll see that your life will become more interesting and more fun of course! We hope we answered to your "How to organize ebooks" question :)

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Our customer say

All My Books - Awesome!

"After a 30 minute good tryout of the free version... I had to buy it. WOW!!! this software blows Calibre our of the water. I get everything I need here. Awesome book mamagement and transfer to other devices and easy as pie. The interface is so attractive. Thank you!"
- Rating: 4.7 -
How to organize e-books? We got one useful tool for you.

E-book formats supported: PDF, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), LIT, MOBI(Kindle), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2
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