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Book organizer software is not online for commercial libraries or book stores. There are now a number of such products designed specifically for the home user who wishes to get their own book collection organized.

For some people it's just a matter of insurance (just 100 books could easily be worth over $1,000) but many find that once they get into the process of organizing their books other pleasures await them as they create reports or filter search results. Just as a full library is a collection of knowledge your own book collection is a collection of your knowledge, interests and noteworthy publications.

Here I'd like to introduce you to some book collection organizer software called All My Books. It has all the usual features of the top end products, including the ability to download full details from online just via the ISBN number, importing, exporting, and so on. Where it stands out however is found in the less obvious features, some of which never make it onto bulleted lists.

For example speed of opening. It may seem a very minor issue but having used numerous products the fact All My Books opens within a couple of seconds of clicking its little icon is one of those things you only really appreciate after using the other book organizers out there!

The statistics module is just perfect, showing you all the more common queries with a single click, without the usual wading through filters and poking at buttons to figure it out. Other unusual goodies include the ability, for the more adventurous, to completely "skin" the application themselves via the common web language of HTML. The development team must have known only perhaps 1 in 50 clients could use that feature but took the time to include it anyway. If you thought book organizer program was boring you haven't seen what some users have done with their skins!

Talking of matters of the flesh I was a little bemused to discover the software offers password protection of your book database, which my lowly mind immediately presumed was for hiding pornography. However the developers assure me this is a highly requested feature and more to do with ensuring the literary delights of otherwise "burnable" books remain beyond the knowledge, thus the flaming torches, of those that would censor ideas. The love of books is apparent in the little touches within the design, such as the field for "original title". Other such book organizer software I've tried has a distinctly utilitarian feel, where you know some programmers threw it together with no real interest in books whatsoever.

A "must-have" Book Organizer Software

A well organized book collection is a real joy and a constant source of inspiration. It deserves more than a dry list. All My Books actually offers all the features you find on full City or even State libraries, including such things as the actual dimensions of each book (crucial data when building book cases and shelving units!) yet is simple enough that even a complete novice can start building their database within seconds of opening it. Considering the hidden power and sophistication I would perhaps have preferred some more engaging button icons but they are clear and self-explanatory without crimping your style - and there's always that HTML option.

One gets a distinct impression that other book organizer software out there consists of cheap copies of this one, though I won't name names. Whatever software you decide on you're going to spend a few hours with it and will be using it for years to come. I strongly suggest downloading the free demo and entering some of your favorite books to try it out. You won't be disappointed.

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Our customer say

All My Books - Very good program

"I am a new user of All My Books, I have only been using it for a few months but the things I like about it are

1. The ease with which I was able to take my MS Access database and export the data to Excel in order to import into All My Books

2. The ease in adding new books through the online services

3. The visual appeal of the virtual shelf (although I would like to be able to use it in conjunction with my custom flags)

4. Now I do not have to manually add authors and the other relevant data"
- Rating: 4.6 -

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