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Reading is still one of the more popular ways to sit and relax these days. And with the growing interest in saving money, cable TV is becoming less popular in households around the world, leaving even more time to pick up a book. Book clubs are one such way to not only encourage this reading trend, but also to promote lively discussions about the books being read. With book list software, book clubs can not only find things to read, but they can also look at old trends in writing and reading. All the while, these lists can help organize book clubs around the globe.

Finding New Reads

Though it might seem like books are everywhere, that is often the problem. Because authors are constantly coming out with new novels, it can be difficult for book clubs to keep up with the new releases. But when one member of the club is designated to look at the bestseller lists and the new release sections of bookstores, adding these titles to a book listing program, knowing what's new isn't an impossible task. Though you could simply go online to find out what's new on bookseller websites, having a separate list works better for most book clubs as many of these clubs have no interest in certain genres or in certain authors. Why waste your time reading these sites which tend to favor the promotion of only certain authors?

Looking at Old Trends

When you've used book list software, you can also keep track of the books your club and others clubs have already read. This way, you can begin to see trends in book clubs and in reading around the globe. In addition, you can make sure that you're not reading too many of one type of book or that you're focusing more on authors who have been skipped in recent years. What's more is that starting to keep track of your books will allow you to keep track of what club members enjoyed and what they did not. Some clubs like to keep these lists for years as they can show what the founders read and on the anniversary of book club beginnings, those first books can be read again.

Organizing Statewide Reading Clubs

Book list program also helps book clubs share their reading lists with other groups in other states and countries. All one needs to do is to fill out these lists and then they can be posted online or turned into a list or spreadsheet. In doing so, you might want to create partnerships with certain book clubs around the globe and arrange for tele-meetings or in person book club session to share what people from others parts of the world have to say about the same book.

With book listing program, book clubs can make their reading experience richer and more interactive. Though reading is an individual pursuit, the discussions after you're done reading don't have to be so secluded.

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