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Cataloging Books with the Perfect Software

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In the modern world cataloging books of all kinds now present in our book collections has become a real necessity. Numerous e-books, loads of fantastic audio-books, saying nothing about traditional paper books - all of them contribute a lot to a terrible mess in book collections. So, these days cataloging all of them together is a real pain and doing it manually is even greater pain.

However, thanks to such modern cataloging software such as All My Books, this problem of cataloging books has been successfully solved by many book lovers and can be solved by you! And that's no wonder, because it's easy, it's fast and it's fun!

Installation File for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Why is cataloging books so easy?

It's super easy to use because it is meant for users without any special IT knowledge. At the same time it allows you to catalog all possible book formats, including all formats of e-books, audio books and paper books as well. You can add numerous books in a number of ways - using ISBN, right from your hard drive or just entering the book title. It's very convenient and it's up to you to choose. While cataloging books, you can sort, group and filter your collection in all possible ways. So, in a moment you filter book collection by author, subject or even your own criterion. You may set personal filters which are important for you personally.

Why is cataloging books fantastically fast?

It's really speedy because when cataloging books, the program does all the work automatically saving a lot of time - you don't have to make any efforts. You see the program has access to most popular online databases and when you enter the name of the book, it delivers the book details automatically and almost momentarily. If it is an e-book or an audio book, you may even start your books right from program - without looking for it on your hard drive.

Why is cataloging books good fun?

Many book lovers agree that cataloging books using All My Books every day is great fun. First of all, it's because the program is very beautiful and it looks just awesome! There are a few view modes available (Virtual bookshelf mode is really gorgeous and most loved by users). Then, each book in your digital book collection has a colorful cover which can be taken either from the online database or added using TWAIN scanner. Thirdly, you can also add author's photo and biography details and make the book info 100% complete.

Love exchanging books with friends? No problems! All My Books will keep track of all the books and will remind you when your book should be back. While cataloging books, you can import and export your collection, upload it to your website and even print both book cards and the whole book list.

So, bringing perfect order to your disordered collection is only in power of the genuinely perfect software. Why not give All My Books a try right now ;)? It's easy! It's fast! It's fun!

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Our customer say

All My Books - Excellent

"Hello! I wouldn't know where to begin. AllMyBooks has gotten so much better... But in random order what I like best about the program:

The interface is excellent!

Updating book information through numerous sites (Amazon.com/Amazon.de/Google and so on) especially seeing as I have lots of old books without ISBN number

The fact you can add not only the cover of a book but also illustrations

The fact that you can add a Biography (with picture) of the author

The virtual shelf (my idea to have this added hope others enjoy it) And on and on. There is just too much to mention!!! Overall it helps me keep track of the books I have and the location they are in. I even uploaded all to my website so whenever I am in an antiquarian bookshop and want to buy a book from them, I can have a look to be sure I don't already have that particular book (I sometimes forget if I already have a book)!!!"
Martin Kapma from the Netherlands - Rating: 4.9 -

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