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All My Books Gets a Nice Upgrade - Bookcase-Style Interface

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April , 2009

Bolide Software is launching a new version of its book collection software, which introduces a bookcase-style interface to let users select a book by browsing through the virtual shelves like in a real bookcase.

Bolide Software today announces the availability of All My Books 1.6, the newest version of the book collection software to help book collectors keep track of their home library of books. Now the program displays book covers in a scrolling bookcase-style interface where books are arranged on virtual shelves. The new design makes browsing through the database a much more convenient and fun experience than the standard book listing.

All My Books is a library organizer for Windows computers. It will help book collectors to create a digital database of the library, keep track of the books and know exactly, which books are in the collection, which books are still to be bought and which ones are lent to friends. With the book management software like All My Books, there is no need to spend a good half hour, rummaging through the shelves to find a book. Just type in the title and view full book information, including the note, where in the bookcase the book is placed.

Books are a snap to add

The library organizer offers many options to create the database. Firstly, it lets the user import the database in XML or CSV format if it has already been created in the other book management software, or editor. Secondly, the user can create the database from scratch, which is super easy. Just enter the book title, author, ISBN and All My Books will download full book information from the Web, including the title, author, ISBN, genre, publishing house, rating , image of the book cover, and even review written up in an online database. In addition to the myriad of details grabbed from the internet, one can create custom fields and enter own data. Once the book is added to the database, the user goes to another - the inventory process is quick, taking just a few seconds per book.

Books are super easy to find

All My Books makes it a snap to find a book. The user can simply browse through the virtual shelves of the library organizer to select the book he needs. However this method works fine if the database contains only a modest number of books, or the user does not know exactly what he is looking for and wants to review the entire collection, book by book. If the database contains a couple of thousand books and the book collector knows what book he needs, it's better to use the book finder feature, which works in the same way as Windows Vista desktop search. One starts typing in the first letters of the title and All My Books instantly displays the matching results, updating the listing as more letters get entered. There are also capabilities for sorting out books by different criteria.

Books are a click to export

With All My Books, the user can print out the list of the books, which comes in very handy when one goes on a book-buying spree and wants to know exactly which books are still not in the collection. The program can also export the database to CHM, XLS, and TXT to load to PDA or smart phone to view the book list in the bookstore and see whether they have a new book, which is not in the collection and should be bought. Those who have their own websites will be able to select a template and export the database to HTML for uploading to the Web.

All My Books v1.6 runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and costs $34.95. A free 30-day trial is available. A 25% discount is available to anyone who switches to All My Books from any other book organizer.

About Bolide Software

Bolide Software is a provider of multimedia products and software for collectors and hobbyists. Founded in 2003 by Max Smirnoff, Bolide Software has launched several successful projects, including All My Movies, Image Comparer, and Audio Comparer. For more information, please visit http://www.bolidesoft.com

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Our customer say

All My Books - Awesome!

"After a 30 minute good tryout of the free version... I had to buy it. WOW!!! this software blows Calibre our of the water. I get everything I need here. Awesome book mamagement and transfer to other devices and easy as pie. The interface is so attractive. Thank you!"
Eneida Paulo - Rating: 4.7 -
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Our customer say

All My Books - WOW!!!

"Fantastic software!!! Really well done! Very lovely interface!! The program has everything I need - printing opportunities, exporting and importing opportunities! My collection of books is really large and I love it! Before All My Books it was even hard to think how difficult it is to organize the library like mine, if possible at all! So, I'm absolutely happy with it really! Thank you for making my library and my life organized!!!"
John Robinson - Rating: 4.6 -

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