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Adding a movie from file

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Adding a movie from file

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All My Movies also lets you add a movie from file, which is stored on the hard disk drive of your computer. The movie can be in all supported movie formats.

To add a movie from file:

1. Go Movie > Add a movie from file

2. Browse to the file your want to add.

3. Select the file.

Once the movie has been selected, the movie card window appears. In the movie card all the information relating to audio and video streams, as well as movie info (file size, movie duration), average bitrate, codec info, resolution, etc is already filled in. Now you are to type in the original title, choose the database to search the movie in and press search button to pick up automatically the absent information about actors, director, studio and fill in all the other fields in the movie card.

4. Click OK to save the movie card.

By the way, when you add a movie from file, the play button on the toolbar is active (it's bright) - so you can play the movie right from the program having just double clicked on the icon. Very convenient, isn't it!



If you got an error message while adding the movie from the file, go to Preferences, "Expert options" tab and set "Do not render video files with DirectShow" option there.


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