Bolide® Software Priority Support Policy

At Bolide® Software we pride ourselves on the quality of our technical support. We put a huge amount of effort into our support operation to ensure that our customers can get the help they need.

Priority Support Benefits

Priority support builds on our free support service but gives its users access to the following benefits.


Buying priority support subscription gives you access to the enhanced support option for a year. You can buy Priority Support when renewing a subscription, or when you buy a license.


Priority support is priced just $9.95 per year. If you have several licenses and products you only need to buy one support subscription to cover all of your products, we can only support products that have valid product subscriptions.

How do I access my Priority Support?

When sending your support requests via e-mail or feedback form, please use the same e-mail address you used for placing an order. This will mark your request with "VIP" mark in our helpdesk and we will reply to you as soon as we can.


Priority Support guarantees an initial response within 12 hours of an issue being raised during business days. We cannot guarantee a complete resolution in this timescale but you will get an assessment of the issue. Where we can, we provide simple fixes and work-arounds immediately. Issues that demand a fix can take longer. Hotfixes can be provided in consultation with the customer. Large fixes are prioritized and fed into normal product development cycle. No guarantee can be made to the delivery date of the fix.

These conditions are subject to change without notice.

Bolide® Software reserves the right to discontinue technical support for all or individual products at any time. Refunds are available by request.

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