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(number of correct answers given)
1.Jiri Panek403
2.Wojciech Waszewski362
4.Dennis Bowdoin328
5.Tomi Supperi324
6.Marius Trandafir247
7.Jens Schmidt236
9.Viki Milner230
10.Hannah Schmidt208


Thank you for active participation in our previous week's contest! As it turned out, most of you have seen the movie and have given the right answer. Well done!!!

This week we've had only 6 participants, and 5 correct answers. This time the task was a bit more difficult, and only few people managed to guess the movie title correctly. And the movie proposed was... "The Vanishing of Sidney Hall" movie.

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

And the winner, as we promised, has been determined in a random way. The luckiest of you turned out to be Viki Milner! Our hearty congratulations!!! Keep track of our future tasks and you'll get a chance to get the desired prize. Good luck to you!

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Movie Lottery - Just Guess the Movie and Win!

Hi! Bolide Software is inviting you to take part in our Movie Lottery! Are you a movie buff? Is your collection so large that even a famous dream factory would envy you? ;-) Then it'll be just piece of cake for you! Look! You are supposed to guess the movie the still is taken from. On the expiry of the week, the winner is chosen among those who give correct answers.


Now about the prize. It's really worth it, as the lottery winner is getting ... a FREE LICENSE for All My Movies, the best multilingual movie organizer application, according to its multiple users! To participate in the lottery, you need to fill in the form below and guess the movie the still is taken from. The lottery winner will be chosen in a random way from those who give the correct title of that movie. ATTENTION, please! Your chances to get a free license for All My Movies are really, really high - know why? The thing is that the most active participants will be awarded free licenses for All My Movies as well! When the lottery has the sufficient number of participants, we are going to hold it daily and, perhaps, some other prizes will be offered.

So, have a look at the movie still!

This week's contest - guess the movie!

Movie still

Know the answer? You're welcome - fill in the form below.

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Mind the lottery rules: only the first answer from one and the same e-mail and IP-address is scored up - all the other answers are ignored. The lottery winner is chosen weekly on Sunday among those who guess the movie correctly. Good luck to you!!

If you want to guess more movies by the frame, consider our dynamic Movie Quiz, try to get as more points as you can!

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