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(number of correct answers given)
1.Jiri Panek409
2.Wojciech Waszewski367
4.Dennis Bowdoin333
5.Tomi Supperi324
6.Marius Trandafir249
8.Jens Schmidt236
9.Viki Milner235
10.Hannah Schmidt208


Thank you for active participation in our previous week's contest! As it turned out, most of you have seen the movie and have given the right answer. Well done!!!

This week we've had only 6 participants, and 6 correct answers. This time the task was a bit more difficult, and only few people managed to guess the movie title correctly. And the movie proposed was... "The Endless" movie.

The Endless

And the winner, as we promised, has been determined in a random way. The luckiest of you turned out to be Xuan Hu! Our hearty congratulations!!! Keep track of our future tasks and you'll get a chance to get the desired prize. Good luck to you!

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Movie Lottery is closed on 02 September 2018 due too a low popularity, sorry. That were great years with you guys and girls. You are awesome! Thank you!

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