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Image Comparer testimonials

"As a professional photographer with a vast and ever-increasing archive of photos, Image Comparer is an invaluable tool. The ability to compare images that are not only identical, but also simply similar to one another (and across multiple formats!), is a brilliant feature that has come in handy more often than I expected.

Finding, sorting, and removing similar and duplicate images used to take me hours to accomplish manually. After I installed this software, the first major task I performed with Image Comparer (on several thousand images) saved me so much time that it essentially paid for itself in one sitting.

The fact that Bolide Software is a small company seems to work to the advantage of the customer. It is very apparent that they take customer support and suggestions seriously. My two inquiries concerning Image Comparer were handled promptly and courteously and in a personal fashion that would be unheard of with a larger company.

I could not say enough great things about this software. Highly recommended!"

Zero Dean, photographer, www.zerotopia.com,      09/01/2006

Image Comparer 2.2 - the intelligent picture comparator

The images Comparer is a program, which make it possible to compare nearly fully automatic large quantities of pictures of most diverse formats and dissolutions. All usual display formats (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, png, tiff, TGA etc.)are supported.

Not only "binary contents" of the files are compared, but rather the real picture, which is represented. Like that it is possible to filter in a pool of most diverse images same or similar pictures. Here the program recognizes also similar pictures, which mirror-operated e.g. or with the same item or person. In a result list the images Comparer indicates the equality/similarity of the pictures in %.
100 % corresponds thereby to complete equality
98 - 99 % to very similar pictures (e.g. same person in easily different float).
The range from 90 - 97 % equality recognizes pictures of a series usually still very exactly.

The images Comparer becomes thereby the indispensable Tool for hobby photographers, picture collecting folks and Webmasters, which must update and administer a large pool of diagrams. The images Comparer co-operates with all current ms - operating systems.

Once current version (at present version 2.2) of Image Comparer is loaded from Bolidesoft homepage (approx. 3 MB), the fun can begin. The Setup is simple and fast. Nearly fully automatic pictures and diagrams of the most diverse formats can be compared. Here, folders among themselves, as well as groups of folders can be compared. Accuracy is amazingly high. Even mirror-wrong pictures, same pictures in different formats or pictures with the same items or persons are recognized surely by the intelligent software. After start of the comparison the images Comparer produces a data base, in which the results are indicated, sorted according to similarity in %. Dupes can be noted in the data base for deletion, alternatively all dupes can be deleted also automatically. Than, the images Comparer sort out which picture has the higher quality (dissolution), recognizes and deletes the worse picture.
An help - function is not integrated. However, on the Bolidesoft - homepage you find a FAQ - area.

Features The minimum desired similarity as well as the comparison accuracy can be adjusted as a limit. So that the comparison can be accelerated (practically, if many pictures has to be compared). The respective pictures are indicated in the data base in Icon - size. With marking function, dupes can be deleted fast.

Bugs There are no serious bugs known in the current version. However, the program becomes quite slow with very large data bases.

Price The price of approx.. 20 euro for a program with this strong recognition performance and easy - to - handle operation is surely justified. The Trial - version can be used 30 days without restrictions.

Pros: Very high recognition security, also between different display formats and dissolutions. By adjusting similarity limit, the comparison of many pictures accelerates. Contact with the developers is easy, on recognized errors, Bolide Software will react fast.

Cons: The comparison of large quantities of pictures takes some time up. (so the comparison of 20000 pictures can do already times 2 - 3 hours in requirement). Through by setting a limit, it can strongly be accelerated. In the data base the pictures are indicated only in Icon size. The pictures will also not enlarged by clicking on it.
No help is integrated.
No printing function for the compare-list

Result: The images Comparer is a tool for surely everyone, who is occupied vocationally or hobby-moderately with digitized pictures and diagrams. The operation is very easy, the very high recognition performance is amazing. For those who want to examine a large pool of pictures on dupes or similar files or put pictures and diagrams into a series, Comparer should by the first choice!

Manfred Bäumer      08/16/2005

I've tried quite a few programs that claim to find duplicate photos quickly and thoroughly. So far, I've found some that are quick but not very thorough, or thorough but not very quick. The trial version of Image Comparer appears to provide the combination I've been seeking.

Garry Robinson      10/31/2005


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Our customer say

Image Comparer - Love it!

"Hi! Yeah, the program appeals to me really, though I doubted at first it could do what it promised... I just tried and it did perfectly well, to my surprise. You know so many programs today promise much, but fail to fulfill even minor promises. Well, it was pleasant to confess that Image Comparer is not one of them, because for me it turned out to be just a god send really)) Thanks!!!"
Jacob Foster - Rating: 4.9 -

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