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Where can I find the new skins (themes, styles) for your software?

You can use any of thousands of themes developed for Windows XP. The largest collection is on

All My Movies™

I am using my native language (not English) to fill the database. Why do I see strange symbols in the movie description area instead of letters of my native language?
Try to set the correct charset for fonts used in the movie description area. You can do this by using menu Tools-Preferences, "Display area" tab.

How can I add my favorite online database support?
There are two ways to do this. The first one - you should write a plugin for All My Movies™ yourself. If you want to share your work, just send it to us and we'll place it on our site. The second way - you can ask us by using our feedback form or forum to add support for your online database. But in this case you will have to wait until we have enough free time for development.

When I'm trying to lookup the movie info in any online source I get "Cannot connect. Check your Internet connection" error message. But the other software products work fine. How can I fix it?
All My Movies™ uses Internet Explorer's engine to query online databases. Therefore, first check if Internet Explorer works. The checkbox is probably set to "work offline". In cases when IE works fine too, you should check the proxy setting in the All My Movies™ "Preferences" window, "Online databases" tab.

You may also want to read All My Movies Tips and Tricks article.

Image Comparer™

I tried to compare about 40000 images. Why does it take so much time?
You can speed up comparison by increasing "Similarity threshold". Read next question for details.

What is "Similarity threshold"?
It is an image similarity percentage limit. Image pairs with similarity percentage below this value will not be included in the result database. So you can speed up comparison process by increasing "Similarity threshold".

Is it possible to locate only fully identical images fast?
Yes. To do this set the "Similarity threshold" to 100. In this case the comparison process will be very fast.

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