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So, you love our All My Movies program? Great, we love loyal users too :) Therefore we made several userbars, you can add them to your forum profiles as a signature. Let others know about All My Movies! If you draw your own userbar, do not hesitate to send it to us and we probably publish it here.

What is a USERBAR?

A userbar is like an avatar brother. The avatar is an image used in forums below your username. A userbar is used in the signature field. Instead of writing text on your signature just copy and paste the codes that we give to you and your userbar will appear below every post you write on any forum (bbcode or html compatible).

Userbars for All My Movies

Copy the code below the selected image to your forum profile signature field to set up the userbar.



You want to add a banner to your blog? We got one for you :)

Our customer say

All My Movies - Fantastic!
"I've used DVD Profiler for years and found All My Movies by a chance. It imported my existing collection automatically, I've tested it for a week and finally purchased. It is very rare for me when I changing the programs, but this is the case. I found All My Movies really better than DVD Profiler."
- Rating: 4.7 -