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MassPlugin 1.2.0 build 16 for All My Movies™


The purpose of this plugin is to batch process records in the databases created with All My Movies™. It requires at least All My Movies v3.6 to run.

Use click with a right mouse button to bring up a menu.

Movies selection for processing:
Select All - selects all available movies;
Select None - deselects all movies;
Invert Selection - inverts selection.

All plugin's features are broken into several groups:

Modify movie titles - allows you to capitalize, decapitalize movie titles or original titles. It is also allows you to manage articles (The, A, Le, Les and others). For example you have a movie with title "The Terminator" in your collection and want it be renamed to "Terminator, The" or inside out. This plugin will rename movies for you automatically. Both the title and original title will be processed. Set Articles - shows a dialog box where you can set all of articles you want to process. This dialog box will be also shown when you will use articles processing function for the first time.
Find and Replace - this allows you to find and replace given text in the movie's title, original title or description
Copy string - copy titles to another fields. Title to OriginalTitle and vice versa, Title or OriginalTitle to Media Label.
Insert text - inserts your text to any of these fields: Title, OriginalTitle or Description. Your choices:
- full replace - entire field texts will be replaced;
- at the begin - inserts your text in the beginning of an existing field value;
- at the end - inserts your text in the end of an existing field value;
- at position - inserts your text in the indicated position.
Movies Management - you can set given values to the following fields of each selected movie: media type, media label, genres, country, loan

Installation: Download and unzip to the "plugins" folder in the All My Movies installation folder. By default it is "Program Files\AllMyMovies\plugins\"

Version history:
v. 1.2.0 build 16:
[+] - function Set Year;
[*] - fixed Genres processing;
[*] - processing until the end of selection instead of end of list

v. 1.2.0 build 15:
[+] - Display movies titles;
[+] - Search in list;
[+] - function Set Placement;
[+] - Seen and Whishlist fields processing.
v. 1.2.0 build 13:
[+] - Copy string and Insert text functions were added.

v. 1.1.0 build 12:
[+] - articles processing;
[+] - functions "all small" and "Only first caps";
[+] - some kind of help file. You are reading it now;
[*] - menu was restructured;
[*] - some internal code changes which are not visible on the surface :)

v. 1:
First plugin release.

Author: Alexey Poddubny

[Download for v3.x (about 240 KB)]   [Download for v4.x/5.x/6.x (about 240 KB)]

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