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ManualSearch Plugin v.1.1.0 build 6 for All My Movies™


Useful plug-in for manual search within unsupported online databases and adding found movie details to the collection.

When the plug-in starts, you can see the currently selected movie title/original title (dependent upon radio button selection).

You can use either an HTTP address or a search query in the edit line at the top of the plug-in's window. If you enter a search query, the query URL will be formed automatically for the selected search engine: Yandex (Russian), Google (International), Sharereactor (Russian) or AdultDVDEmpire (English).
You can edit these search engines and their query strings in the plug-in's INI file.
The search begins by pressing the Enter key in the address line or clicking the left address button. With right button (...) you can open saved HTML file.

The plug-in supports web navigation with a special tab named "Web navigate" at the left of the main plug-in's window.
The "Edit Search" button opens the search engines list edit facility.

The "Movie Properties" tab (11 buttons) is the "heart" of plugin :) Here you can import corresponding fields into the current record.
To add Country field to the current movie just select the proper value from the opened web page and click "Country" button in the "Movie Properties" tab.
Supported fields are: Title, OriginalTitle, Actors, Director, Country, Genre, Description, Comments, Year, URL

For cover or screenshot import, right click on your image and select the "copy image" command from your browser's popup menu. You are then able to paste this image as a screenshot, or as a cover, to the current movie with the buttons "Set as Cover" and "Set as ScreenShot".

If the checkbox "Add instead of replace" is selected, then imported details will not erase the previous ones but will be added to them. Third tab named "DB navigate" is for your movie database examination. You can also add a new movie from this tab.

Installation: Download and unzip to the "plugins" folder in the All My Movies installation folder. By default it is "Program Files\AllMyMovies\plugins\"

Version history:
v. 1.1.0 build 6 (14.11.2005)
[+] - web page loading percentage in the status bar;
[+] - popup blocking;
[+] - import to base features were extended;
[+] - Russian query encoding select ability;
[+] - some search engines were added to the ini file.

v. 1.1.0 build 5 (06.09.2005)
[+] - Enter key starts the search;
[*] - fixed online searches editing;
[+] - added URL field support:
[+] - added auto query string forming for AdultDVDEmpire.

v. 1.1.0 build 4 (05.09.2005)
First plugin release.

v. 1:
For internal testing only

Manual Search plugin snapshot


Author: Alexey Poddubny

[Download for v3.x (about 335 KB)]   [Download for v4.x (about 335 KB)]

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