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All My Movies testimonials

I have just received this program, and I am pleased to say that it does everything it promises, to track and organize my movie collection.
It has an easy-to-use interface, and has both basic and advanced features. Movies are added almost effortlessly - the only typing required is the title, and All My Movies does the rest. I am having a great time using this application, and discovering all it can do.
But perhaps the best part, is the total satisfaction I received from this company, in the form of a quick reply to an e-mail question I had for them. I was delighted to receive a reply in less than 24 hours.
I highly recommend this software to anyone interested in managing their movie collection!
Lois McVay       02/18/2004

I've been collecting movies for quite some time now, and since I only have an alphabetic listing it soon got impossible to answer the simple question: "Which one do we want to watch today?". Writing a review about some hundred movies is a task I didn't want to do, so I started looking for helpful software. Luckily I came across "All my movies". It really did the job: Entering a movie is very fast since you only have to enter some keywords from the title. The description and movie details are then received in instants from an online movie database, and along with them you get a nice cover picture of the DVD or VHS from the internet.
In two hours I had a good-looking page with picture, review and details for every movie in my collection, and with the great search functions it got so easy to find this one movie, you know, the one with that guy who also plays in that other movie ...
Mario Emmenlauer       03/15/2004

I have been collecting movies for over 20 years and have accumulated a sizeable inventory. In the past I had created a simple alphabetical list but this was not much help with really knowing what I had and details on each movie in my collection. We recently moved and because of the process, decided to completely reorganize and catalog and add useful details to my movie collection. I stumbled upon "All My Movies" software by doing a web search for software that would aid in my project. I am pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied in every way with this very powerful and user friendly product. It is just plain so easy to use and saves all of the time it would take to manually research and enter vital details about each and every piece in my collection. I am always being asked to lend out movies. This product provides a slick feature that tracks what, when and to whom I have allowed to borrow from my collection. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in keeping track of his or her movie collection. Another benefit that is very high on my list, is the timely response and support I have received from customer service. My inquiries have always been answered in 24 hours or less. I am telling everyone I know about this great product and know that you will find the same satisfaction. So what are you waiting for, give it a try and see for yourself.
Kirt Cutler       08/11/2004

I wanted a program to help me keep track of my movie collection and help my family pick out which movie we want to watch tonight. I downloaded trial versions of several popular programs. Out of all of them I tried, I can honestly say "All My Movies is the best movie collection manager/organizer program out there." Here are some of the reasons I chose All My Movies over the competition:

  • Clean, easy to use interface. Some many other programs had SO many buttons and such cluttered displays.
  • Easy to enter new movies. Enter a movie title or UPC code, and you quickly have a movie description and picture.
  • Many databases to choose from. I found all of my movies using the databases that All My Movies utilizes. I had difficulty finding all my titles and finding the correct information when I used other programs, especially ones that used their own user-submitted databases.
  • Great file import support. I had all 260 of my movies in an excel spreadsheet. All My Movies painlessly imported my movie database. Not many of the other programs had import options.
  • Mass Plugin very helpful for editing the details of many movies at a time.
  • Great customer support. I had some questions about customizing a report, and I received quick and helpful emails to my questions.

There are lots of other reasons I like All My Movies. All My Movies is simple and elegant. I don't want to say that All My Movies is not powerful by any means, because it is powerful. It's just that so many other programs were "too-geeked out" and had confusing interfaces that I know my family would never want to use them. All My Movies blends the right amount of features with ease of use. I'm telling everyone I know about All My Movies.
Rodney St. John       04/11/2005

I simply like everything about the product... I have a collection of around 175 movies, so I really needed something to get things organized. This program automatically analyses avi's and other formats, which is definitely a big pro!
Another thing is that you only need to type in a title and press enter, all information will be synchronized with online database and covers will be downloaded automatically. Awesome!
The loan system is very simple and clear, which is good, since I don't want a difficult loan system. I just need to know who has my dvd, that;s all :) So, another pro!
And then there is of course the export function. From really plain templates (which load fast) to really nice ones! (For the nice ones the movie limit per page is perfect!)
To make your own template is really easy as well!
So overall this program deserves 5 out of 5 stars! It has a really clean look and is really easy in use with a LOT of options!
Yuri Meiburg       04/23/2005

Superb program! Finally I can add my movie collection to a single database, that covers ALL formats! Adding movies is a breeze by using the ability to enter/scan the barcodes present on a DVD. The program automatically connects to the internet to fetch missing details. A MUST HAVE for every serious movie collector!!!
Manfred Engels       10/09/2005

Small company, big value, great software!

Being very demanding, I never expected to find commercial software that would meet my needs. When I compared All My Movies against similar software, it clearly stood apart from the competition.

Bolidesoft is small, therefore dynamic. Their service expresses dependability and they are very open to suggestions.

Wonderful job, guys.
Pako Ary       02/06/2006

It's hard to describe how pleased I am with 'All My Movies' and the Bolide team! The software is butter-smooth and works perfectly. It's priced right and the company attitude is a dream. Bottom line: You can buy software anywhere - if you want some new friends who actually care about what you're doing, buy Bolidesoft!
Warren Shore       10/15/2006

I have been a huge movie collector since my first deployment in Iraq. Unfortunatly my collection grew so large and I had no real way to orginize and track who was borrowing what I lost about 50 movies during the 14 months I was in Iraq. With "All My Movies" I have been able to track where all my movies are and keep a Great record of what I have and even get a discription just like on the back of the DVD for easy browsing that anyone can use to find a movie they would like. Thanks you makers of "All My Movies" You have saved me HUNDREDS of dollars!
Thomas Sedor       06/29/2007

After testing six or seven different movie databases I puchased "All my movies", as this is the best one for my needs. Its simple to use and still has all the features I want. Keep up the good work.
Rudi Maes       02/07/2008

Your "All My Movies" is getting better on every update, not like other companies that sell software and made major changes through upgrades and made us spend more money.
All My Movies makes big changes and is still into the update.
Thanks very much.
Oscar Barreda       03/03/2008

I had been looking for something simple and easy to try and organize what had simply become too much to deal with. I found it here and couldn't be happier. It doesn't get any easier than entering the name or barcode and letting the internet and program do the rest! Thank you very much and it was a well spent 40.00.
Alan Brown       06/08/2008

As a movie collector I collected a lot of movieís. And as soon as other people find out, they always want to borrow some from you. The problem with that is keeping track of what you lent to who. Iím not a wiz kid who can do magic with a pc. So because of that I was looking for some software in witch I could keep track of my movieís. The key future had to be that I did not need a IT education to work with it. All My Movieís became my solution. After installing it the only thing I needed to do is type the name of the movie I wanted to add. With that name it builds a amazing database.

Usually after some time I find out that not everything I want is possible with the software I currently use. So there for I need to redo everything in some other type of software witch can do just a little more. With All My Movieís itís different. It allowed me to grow into it. I am able to adjust it in any way I want without becoming difficult.

There are always moments were I want something witch is not possible. For those moments All My Movieís has a forum. On that forum I can drop all my questions or requests. I found out that other users and management are really helpful in looking for a solution for my problems.

Iím using this software for more then a year now and Iím pretty happy with it. So if you want easy to use software with good support, try it.
Jarl       06/12/2008

If you are looking for a simple to use, fully featured DVD software program, look no further. All My Movies does it all. Simply Brilliant.
Adam Edwards       06/16/2008

Not bad at all, I normally use Movie Collector and I have to say this is actually a lot better. Just playing around with it quickly I like the user defined Personal Marks which can then be filtered on. Plus I like the fact you can download info about a particular actor, multiple screenshots of the film and there are some really nice clean looking in-built templates.
Very good, many thanks.
Fallenlords       08/09/2008

Downloaded, installed up and running with no problems at all (XP).
I donít have that many commercial DVDs and tend to record movies, from TV, on to DVD via my DVD recorder. Presently I have bits of paper inserted into the plastic cover or sticky labels that are forever coming away. The first DVD I checked had three movies on it. At the add new movie window I typed in one the titles and - whoosh! Full details including several screenshots from the movie were quickly displayed. There is an option, if you are not sure of the DVDís content to view the DVD as you would using a file manager and select titles for inclusion.
I also have a large collection of VHS tapes with, as above, various movies, from TV, on the tape. Itís just as easy to catalogue VHS tapes in to the database - of course, be it DVD or VHS you have to number your DVD / tapes and obviously VHS tapes involves a bit more effort / viewing your VHS tapes on the player / your TV.
The option to export the databased together with many other features makes this a useful, efficient and tidy prog. Not sure what all the plug-ins do but the developerís site is tidy, well laid out and the forum appears to be well supported.
Noddy       08/09/2008

I've been collecting movies for about a year now - I'm disabled and can't do much, so watching movies has become my main pastime. It's obvious I needed help when I realized I had over 3Tb of just movies! I needed help keeping it all organized, and when I found your program, it was a real god-send!! I love it, and have been showing off my list of movies to my friends - over 1000 movies all with pictures, descriptions, anything you can think of, this program does - and then some!! Keep up the great work
John Mundy       08/11/2008

I can't believe I just happened across this program on the web! It is like it was written to meet my needs! It has everything a person could ever hope to have in a cataloging program... including EASE OF USE! I have approx 600 movies and I was typing the titles in one at a time, when I figured out that if I had a bar code scanner, I could enter multiple movies by using the bar code batch function. So I went to Ebay and bought one. NOW we're talking easy. It also lets me keep track of who has my movies when I loan them out! Awesome program!
Rick McKee       05/15/2009


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